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  1. Bhzor costa says:

    4.16 ( tu va tomber!) pas cool les fan …

  2. Nita Kosonen says:

    Mä oon kovempi muija kun kukaan noista ämmistä!

  3. xSeducer says:

    Cool girls … Blondes a lot 🙂

    But video operator work not good … May be hands quake ? 🙂

  4. humbleforest says:

    Dear Friend,The question asked may refer to certain people,immoral or unshamed people or natives who may feel nothing wrong about chastity or modesty because they are used to it by their habits.We are born naked, doesn't mean we are to be naked by just wearing leaves covering only our sexual parts of the body.Civilisation is to awake human beings to have self respect by wearing moderate clothings to uplift one's dignity in a well-dressed manner.Moderation in beach-wearing in public is right.

  5. humbleforest says:

    Dear Friend, Moral or immoral of shame or shameless is up to one's choice to choose.This is something where the predecessors when done shamelessly while the innocent people follow blindly, taking as the norm to be moral.Indecent or decent, dirty or clean one must be able to differentiate or else one is deluded or being used as a tool by the immoral people for their commercial profits.Many people today are being deluded like a housefly which can't differentiate what is filthy or obscene.

  6. XowntXihqX says:

    i guess you need to be slutty to get an advantage on the stage these days. but is there something wrong with wearing only bikini? can't really say since men do this aswell so…

  7. humbleforest says:

    Dear Global Friends, In this modern space age many ladies have forgotten their dignity of chastity and modesty in which they are abusing and misusing their private parts of their bodies to expose so publicly without knowing what is shame or disgracefulness to them.
    In this case, it is what they term the ladies as the low caste of human ancient days. But in the ancient times, the ladies are not so daring to dsigrace their precious body, as a cheap "product".than the ladies today.

  8. good lord, the second one has the best curves out of them all, clearly shes the winner

  9. Tanja Horvat says:

    who is second girl in blue bikini? she's beautiful….

  10. finland60 says:

    hyi vittu tuo 8 on ruma !

  11. cory75FI says:

    Anna Virmajoki & Suvi Iso-Kuusela OMG! Suomen kauneimmat naiset!

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