The Ideal Exercise routine ♥ Entire Overall body Blast & Tone

This 15 moment training is the great whole overall body firming regime that will do the job every muscle mass in your overall body from head to toe. Employing only your individual overall body excess weight you will enhance your metabolism, burn off extra fat, and fortify all the right areas to get you summertime completely ready.

Incorporate this training after a speedy 15 min operate/cardio three-4 instances for every 7 days and I promise you will commence to see unbelievable benefits in your overall body and energy. A training that can be done almost anyplace and that will get you perspiring, firming and leaning out.

This training is also terrific to incorporate with a handful of of my yoga classes, adding the yoga at the stop of the training for a deep extend:

Comforting Yoga For Peace♥ at?v=KDH9yvnYT0o

Stress Relief Yoga♥ at?v=7CTsdbf81W8

Just after Exercise routine Yoga♥ at?v=gbiHWx97x60


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Shot in Koh Wai, Thailand.

Video clip Production- Mark Spicoluk

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34 Responses

  1. So happy this video is working so well for so many of you guys! Its so inspiring to hear! <3
    For more fitness and yoga check out our online store:
    And don't forget to follow us on social media: &

    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. honestly a little more challenging than I thought it was going to be 😊👍

  3. Joseph noM says:

    божественный успокаивающий голос

  4. thanks for this video, though it was hard but it works. sweating a lot

  5. Danielle S says:

    I at last hit my goal to lose that annoying belly fat in the last 8 weeks with the information from Alexandra Muntean's free Guide "How to drop all the fat ASAP". She really changed my whole life. The Free E-BOOK is available on her blog. I am going to put it down here just in case you want to read it…

  6. Chloe Zhu says:

    can anyone please tell me what the background music is?

  7. FSG Gadelha says:

    MIN 4:00 …. THAT IS INSANE. You have my respect, girl.
    Thanks for sharing so much knowledgement.

  8. This video is depressing the shit out of me.I can't even do a basic plié squat. Literally my legs cannot go that way. I am in awe at this.

  9. N.L. B. says:

    This literally just kicked my a$$. I was sweating so hard. I loved it though.

  10. Carolina R. says:

    im done!! doing hiit and then this…killed fat cells

  11. Can someone explain to me why are men wearing loose training bottoms and women tight leggings? Is it a fashion or practicality? Why don't men wear leggings whilst training?

  12. does this workout grow muscles?

  13. fæ rie says:

    What kind of workout/exercise is this? Pilates? Hiit? body weight circuit?

  14. TheManeShow says:

    You are amazing. Namasté for this video. ♥

  15. ีรสสวำพวจถ .

  16. How many muscles do you have D: I couldn't do half of this!

  17. Love this!! Can anyone give me tips on how to get that wide legged squat, where the toes and knees go out to the side? Any stretches or yoga videos I can do to help loosen that specific area out?

  18. Vandie Ver says:

    I am here only for the perfect workout and nothing else. Why would you think i am here for something else??!!

  19. milkbunnies says:

    Fuck …I wish i was a yoga mat…..

  20. Beautiful and smooth movements of the performing artist.Her movementsare just gliding like a geese.good watching.

  21. Oh my word Boho Beautiful! What an absolutely amazing workout!! I just did it and it so sooo much better and harder than a fad HIT workout because everything flows! Thank you so much!! I love this workout

  22. Sally Rud says:

    Love your workouts! Perfect for busy mornings when you need to get a good workout in a short amount of time! ❤️

  23. Beauty Nomad says:

    Good grief another killer workout (in a good way) by you guys!! I'm winded harder then I am from my gym routine- keep it up!! xx

  24. New life says:

    I Love it!!! I recommend this workout for everyone, who ask me for effectively, fast, funny & whole body ☺️ workout.
    Thanks a lot

  25. Yami Siffo says:

    Where is she live? It's beautifull

  26. phildude says:

    I think i'm in love. 😛

  27. how are those squats a real anatomical possibility? I'm in awe.

  28. just finished this one! 🙂 as always, THANK YOU <3 love love looooove your videos, every day I do something diff. Positive vibes to you both, keep the fantastic work, such an inspiration

  29. F McGinn says:

    I did this workout last week and  tore a ligament in my ankle
    doing the toe squats – so please be weary of this exercise. Unfortunately I have to stay
    off my ankle for 3 weeks now which is a real shame as I’m a keen runner. The rest of the workout seems good though.

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