Pool Get together Egypt – بكيني في مارينا

بكيني في مارينا, Bikini Beach Get together 2014 – Beach Get together Dance – Beach Get together in Egypt. Beach Get together 2014 with Best Product of the Entire world 2014 @ Beach Get together in Egypt at Club 88 in El Gouna, Crimson Sea Egypt. Styles dancing in the pool. Bikini Beach Get together 2014.

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30 Responses

  1. Marwan Mezo says:

    ياعم دى ناس فاضيه يابا هههههههههههههههه

  2. taner m. says:

    Why there is no any man without hotel employe. Is this a party just for foreign and young women or a private party of foreign models.

  3. هيا ايه الغه الي بتتكلمها انه انجليزي بس

  4. this is a wack ad video…it's not a party, it's just paid women to walk around like it is a party. If you want to make it authentic, spend the money and have a real party!!!!

  5. Don't fall for this propaganda people!

  6. Zaref Fahim says:

    Sexy Hot body all girls

  7. this girls dont have any rythm.

  8. Luis Andrade says:

    sexy Egypt the part never talked about the real Egyptians before that Waco crazy religion took over and hijacked the middle East!!!!

  9. Nermin Osama says:

    To all the people who don't believe it's egypt… I would like to tell ya that egypt is agreat country thou and hell ya it's egypt and i went there too many times you just have to give it a shock to know if it's egypt or not

  10. my birthday is the sixth of april tooooo

  11. Ali Hameed says:

    how is that a fuckin party without guys in it

  12. I don't believe this is in Egypt

  13. Eddie Garza says:

    Man the girl in the middle at 1:50 is cute.

  14. where're the top models ? i cannot see any known model in the video !!

  15. Kwame Nyame says:

    I love every thing in this video

  16. ahmed tio says:

    holy shit id love to tap the shaved headed chick shes smoking hot lol

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