10 Abnormal Women’s Beauty Standards In BRAZIL

Women’s attractiveness ideals in a person of the premier cosmetic marketplaces in the globe, Brazil, South The us. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Brazilian gals have a adore of their entire body, and aren’t frightened to present them off. It’s customary for gals to rejoice their attractiveness, and hit the seaside with scantly clad bikinis. But, how do they reach this kind of astounding physiques? From workout routines to plastic surgical procedures, these are 10 uncommon attractiveness requirements in Brazil.

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21 Responses

  1. Varias verdades, e varias mentiras.!

  2. Okay, Im Brazilian. People there are OBSSESED with plastic surgery. Everywhere I go I see PLastic Surgery Advisements. Im kinda pretty, but not a lot. Its really good to hear good stuff from my country, but im sure there are countries with way preetier people. Sorry brazilians!

  3. K says:

    Potatoes nation where you at?

  4. These are actually the beauty standards of what women expect from each other. Women set themselves their own beauty standards and later generalise it and make it look like as if these beauty standards are expected from women by men.

  5. So many things are so wrong in this video

  6. HEHEHE We realy care about finger nail. It's crazy kkkkk

  7. mano, de onde eles tiraram isso? kkkkk maior parte é coisa nada a ver

  8. larissa gumz says:

    I used to live in Brazil and they did not do that

  9. where did you get you facts from?? 90% is wrong!

  10. Vy says:

    since when was suga-r skinned Yoongi a sunkissed Brazilian?

  11. hydrolito says:

    Not all plastic surgery is done for people obsessed with beauty some is reconstructive surgery for people that had accidents to restore function to their body.

  12. OMG "velaterapia" hahahaahaha, it's vela (candle) terapia (therapy) <3 kiss from Brasil <3

  13. 5:08
    Bom, pra todos os efeitos eu sou quase uma albina de cabelo normal então…

  14. bianca canas says:

    Its true, my nan and mum made fun of me for my bikini bottom actually covering my butt, they said it makes you look like a granny

  15. ANYBODY ELSE SAW SUGA THERE?! (kpop trash)

  16. Murasa Aoi says:

    90% ARMYs talking about suga
    10% Brazilian people saying this video is inaccurate

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