RAVISH SANDS BIKINI PHOTOSHOOT • LA Condominium TOUR ft. Emily Hayden & Em Dunc

EMILY HAYDEN http://www.youtube.com/emilyhaydenfitness
EM DUNC http://www.youtube.com/emdunc
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48 Responses

  1. chicolua says:

    lol look at her face. she is very smart … probably used Jeff to get to where she wanted and to get the exposure she needed. I've always found funny and strange the way she posed for photos while his girlfriend … there was something off about her. At the start of the video she reveals herself. I think it's the materialization of a face of one of those girls who make a living working with their bodies. Thank God she left Jeff. She is a weird type of girl. I can already picture who her next boyfriend is gonna be lol I bet she already approached Ben lol

  2. Smood47 says:

    Robin you are too beautiful for your own good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. About 10 seconds of actual photo shoot footage and almost 10 minutes of bullshit.

  4. wtfrancheska says:

    Girlfriend I don't think you realize how BEAUTIFUL and SEXY you are at the same time! Can't think of one person who wouldn't find you sooo cute

  5. Hugo NG says:

    Well subbed cus I saw you and I thought you were cute on david laid vid and stayed for you music taste!

  6. love the music in this video

  7. xo ashley says:

    Robin your so pretty & body goals . !!!!💪🏼💕💕

  8. Kiah Madison says:

    Love your videos. Can you pretty please put the names/artists of the songs you use in the description bar. I loovveee all of your song choices but don't know what they are called. Thank you 🙂 xx

  9. My god, you have the cutest accent and the cutest voice, it's like a canadian alvin the chipmunk

  10. Kaila Martin says:

    Love that you used Niykee Heaton's music! The shoot looks so nice too, you girls are beautiful!

  11. This video has no sound niw due to copyright claim according to youtube. seems odd since you're Robin and this is your channel. @robingallant

  12. Kyra Manor says:


  13. TrevDawgRS says:

    1. had no idea who you are and randomly watched this vid
    2. saw you had a really cute and innocent face.
    3. when i saw you in the first bikini i just about flew outta my chair

  14. do you selftan, aaand what foundation do you use? love your vlogs, especially your workouts! 😀 xx

  15. Murc Blu says:

    WOW! your friends are sexy and that food looked sooo D@$M GOOD! and I want 2. K!$$ U lol! like SO BAD!

  16. You looked beautiful! SO much fun!

  17. erica vigil says:

    So pretty! And very motivating to watch you👍🏽🙃

  18. moxncal says:

    I watch these videos for the physic updates, there should be one every videos…jk

  19. xVampWingsx says:

    Robin your makeup was on FLEEK girl!! You looked absolutely stunning! <3

  20. The sentences you put on top of your screen goes by too quickly, can barely read them. You have to pause the video or rewind. Love your videos tho ❤️

  21. Baezinho 2.0 says:

    that beach looks so familiar

  22. Bryan Liang says:

    haha I recognize this track at 7:15 from casey's vlog. no hate, but be sure to credit the music you use in your vlogs! keep up the good work :^)

  23. I have been obsessed with nikyee heating songs and you put them in this video, I may have just fallen in love! 😍

  24. if you wear stuff like that at the beach, you a hoe

  25. Saqib Sheikh says:

    Cool video. What area is this apartment in?

  26. Julio Melgar says:

    When you work at that Starbucks but didn't work that day 😪

  27. Kim Hayes says:

    You are so sweet & cute #motivation 🙌🏼

  28. Finally someone who has the same coffee as me!!! 😀

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  30. What are the songs you used while you were in Starbucks and during the photoshoot?

  31. You actually dont need make up at all. (my humble opinion)

  32. Listens to EDEN, can't get any better than that 😛

  33. cara a says:

    Kudos to you for broadcasting a healthy relationship with food, while doing 2 photoshoots! You looked amazing, but the former is what us women need to see 🙂

  34. Am I the only one wondering where they change their bathing suits for the shoot lol

  35. Taylor Rain says:

    Oh my god. I have been watching your videos for quite a while and have been so inspired by you! I gotta say though..I did not know so many people listened to Ivan B! 😍

  36. Zineb F says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song she used in her bikini photoshoot part please?

  37. you and jeff accents so bae like omg like is it possible like couple Q&A soon like omg imma go make a channel with my bae to like immulate goals like who?what?where?

  38. Tori Denial says:

    Do you remember the apartment complex you stayed at? I really like that place you stayed at and live in that area.

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