Melt away five hundred Energy in forty five Minutes With This Cardio and Sculpting Workout | Course FitSugar

Melt away five hundred energy with this cardio and sculpting exercise routine from Jeanette Jenkins — The Hollywood Trainer.

POPSUGAR Fitness presents refreshing fitness tutorials, exercise routines, and workouts that will support you on your street to nutritious living, fat decline, and worry relief. Check out out Course FitSugar, our do-it-alongside-with-us genuine-time exercise routine demonstrate hosted by Anna Renderer who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Course FitSugar consistently handles the most buzzed-about exercise routine classes and traits, like the Victoria’s Mystery exercise routine, Tabata, P90X, Bar Approach, and additional.

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22 Responses

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  2. Jcros830 says:

    I travel a lot for work and sometimes I prefer just working out in my hotel room than using the usually tiny hotel gym or driving to one. I stumbled across this and it was exactly what I was looking for!! I felt like my core was worked out really well. Thank you for a fantastic cardio sculpt sesh!

  3. The other two sound like flaming lesbians

  4. Marcus Leon says:

    I love PopSugar!!!! Greetings from Colombia! I wish I could be over there training!

  5. Sema Nur says:

    popsugar hanım napıyorsunuz nefes nefese kaldım

  6. awesome workout..need to gain some stamina to do it exactly

  7. I was totally giving dirty looks and yelling at the tv by the end of this workout. BUT I finished!!!

  8. just finished this and its the best definetly

  9. I tried this 2 months ago. I did this workout like every 2 days and I've lost 12 lbs. THANK YOU POPSUGAR FITNESS ! <3

  10. Phylo X says:

    My motivation through this was how beautiful Jeanette is… thicker than day old oatmeal 😍

  11. Payal Bhatia says:

    Awesome workout for everybody .. I followed the low impact version and got through it!!

  12. I'm about to do this right now… I gotta hurry up before the baby wakes up! lol

  13. Thank you! You made my day with this quick workout. Best part of my day.

  14. A JV says:

    OMG that almost cost me my life LOL, but it was pretty amazing, hopefully I'll be able to walk and lift my arms tomorrow 😀

  15. I did it! Took some long breaks tho, but I did it and that's all that counts.

  16. Trinh Dam says:

    I do it everyday, I feel so powerful =))

  17. More Jeanette Jenkins please! Love her!

  18. Tat Jana says:

    Yeah, I did it. Twice I thought it's ok to stop here…. 😉

  19. Marti B says:

    I done this workout about 5th or 6th times now. Before I used to struggle and felt breathless. Now I'm starting to notice and feel the difference with my body. I was 9.6 stones, now down to 9.3 stones. Thanx to Jennet for this great workout I absolutely love it and it's definitely my favourite. No matter how tired I get I will continue to go all the way through with a lot of motivation. I will try use other Pop Sugar fitness workouts until I get the results I want… Cheers Pop Sugar fitness!!! ✌

  20. If you weigh 105IBS how many calories can you burn with this workout?

  21. Maison Mezzo says:

    this workout is some serious magic. every five minutes i feel like i need to give up, but then i somehow power through and continue with more energy than i started with. will keep doing this for the foreseeable future

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