Seems to be aren’t everything. Imagine me, I am a model. | Cameron Russell

Cameron Russell admits she gained “a genetic lottery”: she’s tall, quite and an underwear model. But never choose her by her seems to be. In this fearless converse, she usually takes a wry appear at the marketplace that experienced her looking extremely seductive at barely 16-several years-previous. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.) Cameron on Twitter:
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44 Responses

  1. Henry Tran says:

    I wish humans naturally changed by the way they acted and were. Like if you're mean you'd be less than average.

  2. Behemothius says:

    "Money isn't everything. Trust me, I'm a billionare."

  3. Cute isn't everything believe me. i am a cutiest cat in the world

  4. xxxjess ie says:

    I thought she did very well.

  5. Now, let's see an average looking female give a talk about this…

  6. Faye S says:

    She's right, there's also wealth, power, intellect, and luck. From most important to least important Luck>Power>wealth>looks>intellect

  7. Hayat Khan says:

    Amazing….I totally agree with you ……..thnks

  8. U WOT M8 says:

    just be physically fit and hygienic and that will probably reduce your ugliness if you really see it as a problem, most people who call themselves ugly lack one of these 2 things

  9. Amanda Mee says:

    What a powerful speaker! Thank you for your raw vulnerability.

  10. aashi khan says:

    She has my respect! yes I believe, human eye, just like they can't see space through skies, cannot figure out exactly what beauty is. And they have set fake standards of beauty. And off course companies make us insecure through commercials like "Buy fair and lovely and look all white and impress him!" like really? you don't need a man or woman who judge you by your looks!

  11. A person is their personality and thoughts and feelings and views that's all stored in the brain

    Everyone is unique looking & It be boring if we all looked the same

  12. eloksa says:

    And it is said by a person who has good looks? ?

  13. eloksa says:

    And it is said by a person who has good look? ?

  14. I would Believe her if she wasn't a Model, rather ugly.
    I especially don't believe her because she is a model and says that Looks aren't everything

    Didn't disliked the Vid but didn't liked it either.

  15. Caramel Skin says:

    She thinks way too highly of herself. She looks so basic, the only reason why was able to make money modeling is because in the modeling industry caucasians view her as the stanrd of bwauty becos shes skinny anc caucasian thats all. and we all know that caucasians are delusional. Shes avergae at best.

  16. I never Thought these Stick Figures were attractive. ..

  17. alkiria d says:

    Only stupid people care about looks. Smart people care about all the other things.

  18. D.Ashwin says:

    looks are important. Believe me. Am not a model. 😐

  19. Unfortunately, if you look ugly , nobody will want to talk to you

  20. EARTH ONE says:

    Unfortunately, in our shallow modern society of the Superficial Kraptrashian Mentality, where people DO judge a book by its cover—- on the antipodal side, if you are facially impaired with the uglies, unattractive, or homely, people DO ostracize you and treat you like you are the worthless scum of the earth, and these poor people get passed up for all kinds of opportunities and ignored, or given the lowest lot in life as the "invisible ones", "downtrodden" and "disavowed", if they don't have a strong enough personality to overcome, or were brow-beaten, bullied and ridiculed for their entire existence that it permanently damaged them, caused them to have low self-esteem and socially withdraw as loners, or caused them to commit suicide, simply because they did not "fit in" to the Majority's Standards of Physical Ideals.

  21. EARTH ONE says:

    Whoever said, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," needed glasses.

  22. Looks aren't everything, but sometimes it works.

  23. The most damaging words I ever heard were from my father when I was four years old: "You are ugly, ugly, ugly." He smiled when he said that.

  24. Sophia Smith says:

    What a model message very cute and pretty.

  25. HONKEY KONG says:

    She's absolutely nothing next to Kendra Sunderland.

  26. I've met her in real life and believe me she's right. Without all the makeup and glamour and what not she literally looks like a normal, everyday girl. (no disrespect) But she's right, as a skinny white woman she is considered the "standard of beauty".

  27. Kennedy Grey says:

    I wonder, Cameron, would you trade all that juice and hype and entitlement to be an invisible, struggling, short, fat, dowdy girl? Seems a little more weighted towards helping you cope with the guilt that arrives with being an "it" girl rather than a way to change the world that designed the blueprint for it…

  28. Upenda Sana says:

    I found this a fascinating talk,I think she illustrates so well how powerful construction of an image is and how aware and honest she was about her privilege,amazing talk.

  29. how can a model say that looks aren't everything. she probably doesn't know how non-good looking people feel,how they're being treated by others

  30. Health Vaio says:

    my impression didn't change from 6 sec ago

  31. Neelmani Jha says:

    That awkward laugh when no one laughs with you 😑

  32. Alex Wilson says:

    Well done Cameron, all you presented is about the society we live in. As long as society needs to cloth themselves so as to look and feel better – there will always be constructors, stylists, photographers, producers, etc. Always enhancing the buyers spend by triggering their emotional wants for more. The fact this employs superb constructing and rich professionals all at the expense of the Buyers (society) superficially concerns me as a parent. I wish you the very best, stay brave and total admiration for your honesty, even if you do not get the remunerations of being that superficial model you are so richly blessed. Grateful for your parents too.

  33. Riteesh Meti says:

    if a ugly guy says looks wont matter. than pe ople say he is so hee is saying that.

  34. Shane B says:

    im not after a model just someone that goes well with me

  35. Looks are everything, watch my video, I'm a model!

  36. kill4virus says:

    The constant interjections with the SJW Racsim points is getting annoying.

  37. "It was difficult to unpack a legacy of gender and racial oppression when I am one of the biggest beneficiaries", this line really struck me because it speaks volumes of her character. Her level of awareness and authenticity is breathtaking!

  38. CMDR Beamee says:

    "Dear African Children: Eating is not everything. Believe me, I'm a fat guy!"

  39. melania trump under wear model more than 10 years, first lady of the white house

  40. Looks are everything. People just cannot cope with the harsh truth therefore they cope by making excuses that personality matters. Evolution does not care about your personality.

  41. So she's come out and said "looks don't matter!" and everyone has commented to say "yes but they do, and I hate that they do!" Well you're part of the problem as well then. Stop saying that they do. Stop thinking that they do. That's what we all want right? Well everyone has to start believing and saying that then. That they don't. Stop making it matter yourself as well. obviously I get thst most of society believes looks matter, but if only even a few of us change our minds it's better than none, rather than just falling in line with that thinking because everybody else does even though we hate it and it's not really us. looks don't matter. let's start saying that instead.

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