2017 BIKINI CONTEST with TBA Bikini Versions

2017 BIKINI CONTEST shot with TBA Bikini Versions on st patricks working day at winners circle in lakeland florida. Wonderful bikini versions every single where by for this brilliant Bikini Contest. in excess of fourteen Bikini versions confirmed up and only one winner at the winners circle. Amber fields as effectively Nicole Hampton have been just a few of the regulars

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shot with the Sony rx10 mk II and Rode Videomic professional along with generay Led 7100t for lights

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10 Responses

  1. frustrated6 says:

    Jordan…. Jordan… wait…. there's still some jizz left in my balls…

  2. does anyone here think Nicole's put on a little weight?

  3. frustrated6 says:

    fapped 5 times to Jordan last 24 hours, now ready to go again… this chick just tickles my cock

  4. !Qué mujeres hay en Estados Unidos! Ahora ya entiendo por que hay tantos inmigrantes.

  5. Thank you for filming this. #1 is the prettiest and no tats!

  6. starmartir says:

    Excellent work!! Thanks

  7. Ariel Simkin says:

    Bikini, Beer, Sony. Great job man.

  8. Bout time we got one of your shoots for longer than a few minutes. I still want you to pan down and zoom in for hopes of a lip slip or a camel toe shot. Thanks bro.

  9. HQevents says:

    You did a good job. keep it up.

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