Working day one: thirty-Moment Body fat-Frying Bikini-System Exercise | Class FitSugar

This exercise was built with Summertime in mind — specifically swimsuit time and the system-baring bikini! All the routines focus on the difficulty zones while trying to keep your heart amount up to burn off body fat. Push play and we will heat you up, do the job you out, and quickly amazing you down. Then you can strike the beach feeling potent and confident.

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22 Responses

  1. Tat Jana says:

    My wrists always hurt … I fear carpal tunnel syndrom with this exercises…

  2. Katie22667 says:

    Wow, I have been doing this for a whole week now I only have 20 days left then no more for me 🙂 I feel so great I hope u all do to also I am very close to getting abss!!

  3. Laura Smith says:

    22 days ago i started with this video. I quit half way. Then I read the comments and they were so inspiring I was able to finish. I went through the 21 day challenge and am starting over again. I absolutely love it! It's a different workout everyday. I noticed how different it was this day 1 from the last time I did it. I barely have to modify. And I know longer have to take a nap after working out 🙂 Thanks so much! This has truly been a life transformation! I hated working out before starting this!!

  4. How long? (For a Bikini Body)

  5. which you would have shown all modifications without the towel as soon as you started each exercise.

  6. if you adults did not that's sad because I'm 9 and I finished the hole 30 minute

  7. I did it YAYAYAY the whole thing full 30 mins

  8. This was so tiring but I loved it and I feel great for my first time, but I'm pretty sure the floor would be sparkling by now😂😂

  9. soul ex says:

    i started sweating while watching

  10. M. T. says:

    All done with the 21 day challenge!! I didn't follow it how you are supposed to because I wanted to see results sooner and felt like I had to work out for more than 15 or 30 minutes a day in order to reach that, so I did this challenge plus 1 other random work out (per day) from popsugar in 9 days (day 8 was rest day). Not all the work outs were my favourite but I modifyed and substituted to my needs. This great me great motivation! Starting from day 1 again!!!

  11. Vanita Vidal says:

    great workout! really enjoyed it and worked up a good sweat

  12. Janel Mullen says:

    I love Anna's workouts and her energy but I wish the girls with her would be quiet!!!! It feels like they wanna be the instructors and they are all competing for attention. Anna is the teacher so let her teach!!!

  13. Anne Farrell says:

    Any workout with sliders is a bonus. Hope you create more leading to this summer. Thanks

  14. Ams says:

    has anyone lost weight doing this?

  15. Daisy Greene says:

    Did this on carpet and my elbows hurt really bad

  16. ChocoSara says:

    Starting today , so excited for the results already

  17. Janet Droz says:

    Love💖💖💖 it! 💯% Its different but not incredibly hard. Gets you sweating💦💦 for real. I get bored easy, but love FitSugar for its variety. Keep it going strong💪🏼

  18. lujas kino says:

    has anyone tried this and got results? when i see this i dont think u get results like u want (just my opinion)

  19. I losed weight thank you y'all I enjoyed it thanks for telling me how to lose weight it was verey easy thanks

  20. Meshayu Rena says:

    Hi. How many calories burned doing this ? New here !!

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