5 Minute Unwanted fat Burning Bikini Exercise routine #87

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41 Responses

  1. The only reason I am watching this is to see her in a bikini!

  2. isabeau82 says:

    You work a lot on your toes, what is the advantage of this versus putting the weight on your heels or equally distributed on the whole foot?

  3. you look fantastic! very motivating…me off to gym!

  4. Symbiosis ! says:

    Wow…you are insane! No words!

  5. Chi says:

    Some new moves for me, good job 🙂

  6. pillygt1 says:

    I'm going to have to knock one out now…

  7. electrabot says:

    its too cold to be in a bikini where i live 😭💔

  8. Charity B says:

    I've followed her for years, routines are perfect for sculpting and cardio. She's a sweetheart!

  9. Thank you Zuzka! I did two 5 minute workouts today since it I had some extra time this morning (this one and #86). I am feeling somewhat stronger and the workouts are only getting a little bit easier every day. I know it will be a snowball effect, I just have to keep doing this every day. You rock!

  10. I love your exercises!! 😀

  11. Ron Kay says:

    Yes I did.  Your workouts are always fun Zuzka.  Thank you.

  12. Fox McCloud says:

    Your body is fucking amazing

  13. Rance davis says:

    Hi Zuzka great vid, im a 43 year old guy from england and i regularly use your workouts and they really do work for us too though i also workout the upper body with weights also, this combination using your workouts too works great, Rance 😉

  14. Missy Rabbit says:

    I need help with proper nutrition. would you do some videos on proper diet?

  15. I liike your voice you could do ASMR videos too

  16. mein feedly says:

    Too much toe balancing for my taste. Better do 10 dumbbell snatches separately and then 10 one arm overhead squats flat on the heels.

  17. my goal as I move in to my 60s is to develop coordination and balance plus the endurance and muscle, these workouts along with XAthelean are helping me create the body and mind I desire.

  18. I'm a guy and I do these workouts, I am getting fantastic results, WOW and I'm 60 years old and getting much more muscles.

  19. Sweet Place she's got in sunny California:))

  20. theFitty says:

    What's your natural body shape zuzuka? Are you an ecto, meso or endomorph?

  21. I did this outside in my bikini. The neighbors were NOT impressed.

  22. Sandra Lang says:

    Where can I find information on what you eat?

  23. I was previewing the video and on the last set of one leg hip thrusts my toddler got down on the ground and started hip thrusting. No I feel lazy. lol

  24. Genesis says:

    espectacular tu cuerpo zuka.

  25. hi zuzka,I'm following zcut:) I'd like to ask you one thing…can I do two workout in the afternoon,in spite of splice them (one un the morning,one in the afternoon)in double workout days ?:)

  26. Hola, pedazo cuerpo me encantan tus videos wapapappap ESPAÑA

  27. can guys do this too or is it mostly aimed for women.

  28. Oi Zuzka, perfeito, como todos que já ensinou em seu canal. Adorrrrooooooo

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