5 Moment Body fat Burning Bikini Work out #85 – Bodyweight Physical exercises!!

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44 Responses

  1. plz tell me exercise which is good for low blood pressure and tiredness in body

  2. My God! It's almost impossible! You are wonderful!

  3. Can you recommend a modified "prisoner squat"?

  4. Theo Bombast says:

    I think I'm going to cry[?]

  5. Chi says:

    Those single legged squats though.. So hard

  6. Thank you Zuzka! This was a great workout! My strength continues to grow each day I work out with you. The V sit ups were difficult but I was able to keep up with you with those and the rest of the workout. Have a great day! See you tomorrow 🙂

  7. andrew fit says:

    excelente bikini fitness

  8. Tom B says:


  9. 111gagafan says:

    omg omg .. I just finished 3rd rep of this … it kicked my butt .

  10. Jesus… These videos are intense! This is the 3rd in a row from the 5 minutes workouts and I'm dying. I lift heavy weights for 2 years now and these are really challenging. Good job Zuzka! I'm glad I've found you! ❤

  11. missuchecker says:

    You never cease to amaze! Thank you. I look forward to your workouts because they are creative, effective , challenging and fun. I'm pushing 60 and have some connective tissue issues but I do what I can and adapt the rest. Keep up the great work!

  12. Steve Speedy says:

    More daylight would be nice. Great vid!

  13. Elias Elias says:

    Этот замечательный славянский акцент😍😍

  14. I saw that you watch a clock counting the time, it can be uncomfortable to workout this way. You should play some tabata songs with coach, it help a lot by giving you the rythm ouf your workout and rest, make it effective and intense. Anyway just an advise.

  15. Andi W. says:

    Next Time clean the pool and terrasse before you start a exercise 😉

  16. Tu fais plutôt penser à une personne qui soulève de la fonte plutôt lourde !

  17. Love the bikini! So pretty. Love these poolside workouts as well. They're fun to watch! I'd love to see more coffee talks! Those are my favorite!

  18. i think she is so beautiful

  19. This is a really different workout. It's like this weird combination of yoga and regular HIIT workouts. I will have to try it another day.

  20. Ivan B says:

    Damn. Just beyond words at this point.

  21. That bikini is super cute!

  22. David Curry says:

    Unbelievable abs. I'm tired of my 3-1/2 pack!

  23. Bianca Hotca says:

    What country are u from? U Czech, Polish….?

  24. where is your bikini from?!

  25. Zuzka, don't think i'm weird, but you have very pretty feet. 😊

  26. Geo Noy says:

    Lets get back in the lunch position i love these workouts.

  27. ianadeeaA says:

    Super nice exercises. I'm totally doing 3 rounds for time. Thanks a lot, Zuzka.

  28. Ben says:

    Good for Jesse 🍑

  29. Where did you get the bikini? So cute! Loved the workout too!

  30. Saqib Ali says:

    bbest bikini. bra is not good

  31. i motivates my gf to be like you….and it works…..thanks zuzka…

  32. Mario Leal says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. You've built a great body. Hard work does pay off!

  33. Carlos Soto says:

    you are so so beautiful. Whenever you become single if you do, I'd love a chance to take you out! JK, awesome workouts my partner and I truly love them.

  34. steveN111333 says:

    Can we get more rear shots please? Need to see the glutes in action ! 😆

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