BIKINI CATWALK @ Swimsuit United states Global Model Research 2012 Vancouver

Bikini Catwalk at Swimsuit United states Global Model Research 2012 for Vancouver place at River Rock casino and Vacation resort in Richmond BC on September 21, 2012. Canada manner runway show. Danielle Moore and Kay McPhee, the major two winners get to go to Cancun, Mexico to compete in the Swimsuit United states Global Finals level of competition in November (thirteenth-18th, 2012) at the Tough Rock Resort.

[A Movie by Ray Van Eng | ]

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24 Responses

  1. Mirco g says:

    A woman without butt is like a village without elementary school!

  2. Troy Truong says:

    These girls just do not get it. Some of them could look better without crazy makeup and fake thick ugly ass eyelashes. Sometimes natural beauty is better than fake shits. I'm all in on #13. You have to judge both the face and body. Not just one or the other folks.

  3. Jay B says:

    3,7,8 and 27 are my favorites. Love girls with curves that are tattoo free. If I had to pick one, #7 is absolutely stunning.

  4. willdax says:

    Anyone know the name of the Nº 7…?

  5. willdax says:

    Alguien sabe el nombre de la numero 7..?

  6. Ayivor Mark says:


  7. 1,3,8, top for me.10,22
    23 killer body 25 you got me,26 ok and 27 american cutie.

  8. 905 click says:

    my picks are 1, 6 and 13

  9. 430Recmove says:

    Yich! There isn't one worth looking at. What is it with everyone being fat these days? They all need to go on a diet, lose 20 pounds, and worry less about hair and makeup. Put your clothes back on, please.

  10. I blasted a huge load at least 6 or 7 feet for #13.

  11. TommyGun says:

    13 gets my vote, only her bum needs some tone like pretty much all of them.
    That or they should wear thongs

  12. Every single one of them needs to add weighted squats into their life

  13. Anne says:

    but wheres the boooootttiiiesss… we need more booty..or cow bell

  14. 4:38  …. Just might be the best ass on the planet!

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