After about 3 many years I finally up to date my swimwear… Heres what I acquired!

⋆ http://bit.ly/1qIGXnN

Zaful: http://www.zaful.com/?lkid=55338

Superior-Reduce Inexperienced Bikini Established: http://www.zaful.com/significant-cut-two-piece-bikini-set-p_209206.html?lkid=55338
Spaghetti Straps Bikini Established: http://www.zaful.com/unlined-sound-colour-spaghetti-straps-bikini-set-p_195672.html?lkid=55338
Reversible Pleuche Bikini Established: http://www.zaful.com/velvet-reversible-bikini-set-p_240069.html?lkid=55338
Cross Again Reversible Pleuche Swimwear: http://www.zaful.com/reversible-criss-again-pleuche-swimwear-p_241259.html?lkid=55338
Drop Armhole Backless Swimsuit: http://www.zaful.com/one particular-piece-backless-swimsuit-p_251831.html?lkid=55338
Red Backless Superior Reduce Swimwear: http://www.zaful.com/significant-cut-backless-swimwear-p_247176.html?lkid=55338
Yellow Backless Superior Reduce Swimwear: http://www.zaful.com/significant-cut-backless-swimwear-p_247180.html?lkid=55338
Lacing Just one Piece Swimsuit: http://www.zaful.com/crisscross-strap-cut-out-swimsuit-p_253583.html?lkid=55338
Open Again Cami Swimsuit: http://www.zaful.com/one particular-piece-cami-swimsuit-p_259902.html?lkid=55338
U Neck Strappy Swimwear: http://www.zaful.com/strappy-u-neck-swimwear-p_263560.html?lkid=55338
Strappy Superior Leg Swimwear: http://www.zaful.com/strappy-thong-swimwear-p_264518.html?lkid=55338
V String Bralette Bikini Established: http://www.zaful.com/v-string-bralette-bikini-set-p_269014.html?lkid=55338
Zipped Superior Leg Just one Piece Swimsuit: http://www.zaful.com/zipper-significant-leg-one particular-piece-swimsuit-p_269198.html?lkid=55338

Use coupon code ZFYT0 to recieve the subsequent:
All get with around $30 conserve $three /around $50 conserve $five / around $eighty conserve $8/ around $a hundred conserve $ten (finishes Oct 17th)

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⋆ beceldrup@outlook.com

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⋆ Kronicle – Chills Noon
https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=5Uyp5clwImE

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8 Responses

  1. Darvi Ortiz says:

    What size are did you order; for reference? Not listed 🙁

  2. gin grey says:

    What size are they? Cant find it in the description box :/

  3. So glad u made this vid now bc I'm having serious summer withdrawals 😩 y Australia yyyyyyy

  4. tebbinian says:

    Can I suggest you do a thrift haul or something like that?i love your thrift videos ❤ only if u want

  5. Chels Rocca says:

    wish we weren't going into winter 🙁

  6. Alex Miotto says:

    So many cute swimmers Bec! I got the yellow one piece as well, how good is it!!? ✨

  7. Cleo 1988 says:

    Your body is goals 🙌🏻 love the yellow swimsuit ! X

  8. That yellow one piece is cute as shit

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