ALIEXPRESS Consider ON HAUL | Trending Instagram Inspired Trend

Hello Women! I located some tremendous sweet and low cost goods.
Baddie have to haves.

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40 Responses

  1. Fo Adunni says:

    WOW you look like Tiwa Savage

  2. eva says:

    those letters on the babygirl sweater are japanese, not chinese. love your video <3

  3. ruby Rjby says:

    Love this vid
    Good taste ❤️

  4. AnimeVenus16 says:

    thanks for the review I'm going to start ordering from there

  5. Hey, babe! I just wanted to say that I'm so glad that I came across your channel. You're super duper pretty and I love your personality! I just subbed and turned on your notifications. I also wanted to let you know that I have a makeup giveaway going on right now on my channel, so if you wanted to, you can stop by so we can support each other! XOXO Alizabeth

  6. none of the links work, not avaiblable anymore

  7. first video I've seen of yours and I subscribed . I love!!!!

  8. Trevon W. says:

    I would never wear fake yeezys, But I guess if you like them you rock them wit confidence.

  9. were the link to the white shoes

  10. The pink sweater does indeed say 'Baby Girl' in Japanese. All the items really suit you! Great choices! I'm still waiting for mine to ship to me! Exciting!!! 🙂

  11. Laura P. says:

    It's Japanese xD not Chinese… But it's really really pretty!

  12. K. Mcfall says:

    I love that black boob strap thing! lol it's actually really cute, I just wonder if it's one size fits all?

  13. shyngys808 says:

    all links
    Africa Necklace
    Bondage Bra
    Waist Trainer
    Fake Collar
    Moon Necklace
    Lime Crime Lipstick
    Watch (price went up)
    Pink Babygirl sweater

  14. The yeezys look very fake. It's not a problem, but if you like it wear it

  15. Ahria Dunn says:

    How much was the shipping?

  16. Izzi Lahens says:

    What size was the "tommy hilfiger" top?

  17. if you have shoes that are too big instead of wearing socks put shoe insoles in. the kind they sell at payless or dollar tree are great the thicker the better they take a half shoes size away.

  18. The pink shirt at the END, with the asian print on it is actually japanese

  19. Is Everything True To Size? Or Go A Size Up?!

  20. yahs 30 seconds in and I'm subscriber

  21. I've been dying to get the hold of that tommy hilfigher crop top😵 but can't seem to find it anywhere!!!

  22. kc rocks says:

    Where's the cardigan or sweater from?

  23. Mia 33 says:

    Girl, i think u r gorgeous but u should try putting on less eyebrow product and blend the intercorner of ur brow too. u are so pretty tho. xoxo <3

  24. Susie Shu says:

    Hello, hope you are fine, I watch your videos. they are very great.
    and you are very professional…
    My name is Susie. I'm a seller from Aliexpress, may i ask can you pls
    help us to make a video for our jewelry rings and slippers products.
    Could you pls add my what's app: 0086 15825763621, thanks very much!

  25. Itz Danielle says:

    you remind me of porcha from real house wives.

  26. Olivia Ortiz says:

    Love this haul!! And the lipstick does look gorgeous on you!

  27. can't find the link for the tommy shirt :/

  28. OMG you look like Tiwa Savage!

  29. That collar is such a good idea!! Can't wait to see more videos, I'm addicted to Aliexpress

  30. Lisanne - says:

    You definitely need to do more of these!! I LOVED watching it!! <3

  31. Kk Jimmy says:

    And what size did you get the tommy shirt in b?✨

  32. Kk Jimmy says:

    Could you link the waist trainers from AliExpress that do work? Thanks😚✨❤️

  33. Hair details please 🙏🙏🙏

  34. Conor says:

    I'm pretty sure the lettering under baby girl says 'ending instagram inspired fashion' idk tho i translated it on the google translate app where u scan the words and it translates but it didn't really pick the Chinese up

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