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TOKYO — Japanese online video games can in some cases be a little bit as well risque for Western audiences, but Lifeless or Alive 3 Excessive VR for the PS4 is some thing else totally.

In accordance to PlayStation Lifestyle, the activity — formulated by KOEI Tecmo — comes with a number of “paradise” possibilities that make it possible for gamers to consider shots and interact with the versions. Viral online video of a Japanese demo of these features shows one particular fellow getting up shut and personal with a bikini-clad feminine model in the activity.

And when he looked to be making the most of it, many in the Western gaming media certainly are not.

Engadget writes that “Dead or Alive VR is basically sexual assault the activity.” The USB Port describes the interactivity as a “harassment feature” that permits players to “molest feminine characters.” Polygon writes that gals in the activity are “powerless to do anything” and are “constructed to be violated.”

The activity is only going to be launched in Asia and will not get an official Western release (and it is effortless to comprehend why).

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41 Responses

  1. dpajc056 says:

    Duck the westerners! I can't do this shit in real life, what's wrong with doing it a fucking video game!!!! Why did grand theft auto get thumbs up and people are shitting on this!? If they sold this here I'd buy it on the spot

  2. Roman Val says:

    It has nothing to do with feminism… The USA's Christian conservative base would have a massive uproar if this was ever released here.

  3. Vince Brown says:

    fuck feminists i swear to god…

  4. Julie says:

    Do any of you "men" know the definition of the word Feminist? Before you start using a word you should know what it means. If you knew what a feminist was you wouldn't have made these ignorant comments. You only made yourself look immature and foolish. (I suggest you look it up right now before you slam me.)

  5. Loc K says:

    Hayate will kill all the players for molesting his sister ;D

  6. King Tae says:

    That game is only for lonely ass adults or horny ass kids who get no pussy

  7. King Tae says:

    That game is only for lonely ass adults or horny ass kids who get no pussy

  8. This is for guys and Japanese guys who can't get actual pussy 😂🖕🏻

  9. ProjectMoff says:

    Consent isnt needed for non conscious pixels, if it was a simulation of sexual assault the woman having her tits poked would be screaming that she's being sexually assaulted and also "Hugh Mungus Wot?!?"… Just because you're a feminist who wouldn't like to have your boobs touched doesn't mean that every girl including girls made out of pixels are the same.

  10. WTF?!? Those are digital pixel models!! No real female is harmed at all. If you don't like it, don't buy it or don't play it. But there is no need to spoil it for the rest of us! Your opinion is not everyone else's opinion!

  11. YukitoOnline says:

    "No western release"
    Heh~Looks like I'll have to buy some in any local game shops in my country and sell it in a high price in the US~

  12. Coco Angel says:

    yeah I'm a serial killer!
    I killed over 500 bots in Battlfield 4!
    Damn I should turn myself over to the Police!
    Damn Feminazis!!!!
    They cant get the "D" so they Fuck everybody over!

  13. tattoo mane says:

    fucken America is fucked, from games to presedent.

  14. I'm I the only one who doesn't like VR games?

  15. Greasycheezy says:

    Time to pack my bags, I'm going to Asia!

  16. Female rights in Arab country's ? Fuck that we have bigger problems like games that u can motorboat fake girls – Femenazis 2016

  17. yemo34 says:

    Wait till smaller US publishers get involved. Porns uncensored here, and the market is pretty untapped. Some one could end up a modern day VR Larry Flint real quick. Just don't get shot.

  18. Aaron H says:

    everyone knows that if someone plays a video game they will do the same things in real life. scary

  19. Bird M says:


  20. MGTOW Jester says:

    Sigh…. I would celebrate the kidnapping of SJW's and feminist that get put in concentration camps and tortured by ISIS.

  21. Moon Otxoa says:

    I'm a feminist but I don't agree with them thinking this is like assault. pleaaaase.
    I want something like this but with men. damn.

  22. revache78 says:

    feminazi gonna attack thsi shit in asia. fuck off you cancerous cunt.

  23. pkmdz says:

    If you want games like this regardless of what some psycho cuck feminist irrelevant to your life thinks, go to import sites such as Play-Asia and place an order when its available.

  24. Kevin Davis says:

    Everyones gonna have a hoot when sex robots and interactive sex vr games become a thing.

  25. add male characters and then everyone will be happy

  26. you can thank our moral fascist feminist

  27. MRSketch09 says:

    Ah man, I was looking forward to this… well fuck.

  28. Ventroid says:

    so simulated violence is completely acceptable but not this…

  29. i r waffles says:

    guess im moving to asia……

    jk people damn

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