From A T-Shirt To A Alluring A single Piece

Understand how to convert a t-shirt into a alluring one particular piece swimwear! Observe ME ON TWITTER!

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43 Responses

  1. trevor welch says:

    WOW if you can do this with a shirt , what can you do with a dress or business suit . ?

  2. I think this is for looks did yall really think she wore it in the water lol

  3. A gm says:

    The finished suit looks like it's a different material.

  4. pls do a slutty look dress vid

  5. Just wear a thong and a t shirt that fits.

  6. lol oh like that I try to make a swim suit out of a t shirt for t shirt mas n the private part didn't look or fit right

  7. Kandi Zee says:

    this will be complete garbage the second it gets wet! it'll get dark saggy and gross. show it wet I wanna see how crap it looks. loved the idea til I thought about a soggy t shirt. just no

  8. damn she done cut up the polo shirt 😭😭😭😭😭 not ralph Lauren man

  9. Mike Beach says:

    YUM……I want your ass…I'd shove my dink up that ass….yum like day pussy of yours nice ass..HUG suck my dink..awww Cumming

  10. pinochho says:

    lokita jojojo muy buenos videos

  11. fox36975 says:

    not add any swim material?

  12. nderasore ndepora kaka chera a

  13. What happens when it gets wet???? O.o That shirt looks like it is made of cotton.

  14. Todo lo que haces es genial hoooocea que eres una genia.

  15. La primera youtuber paraguayaaaaa y hermosa

  16. what size is the tshirt that you used?

  17. I am here because I searched videos of the anime One Piece

  18. katherine says:

    It's like a thong on your booty

  19. Lora Hussey says:

    LOOKOUT Boyfriend clothes!

  20. tyblips says:

    OFF TO LOOK THROUGH MY DRESSER AND CLOSET TO FIND A SHIRT!!! (or off to frenchies or bethany bin our second hand stores) to find multiple shirts to use for different ones, no more bahting suits up my butt from having worn them for 6 years and just having grown out of them XD

  21. Nelly Rivera says:

    Sos bien creativa te felicito

  22. bhaku khadka says:

    Have you seen Ready Set Ripped? (Google it) It is a quick way to get ripped fast.

  23. yudi yusof says:

    Copy and Paste into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out how a groundbreaking discovery made a regular guy ripped.

  24. ang mel says:

    ok so i mad this quilt outta tshirt material and to keep it from doing that 'jersey knit tshirt-stretchy thing' you used this iron-on stabilizer to the backside and i was thinkin if you used that somehow..i duno how well it is in water…just a thought…good for sun bathing tho! luv to repurpose things!

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