My actual initial time undertaking a experienced bikini shoot (@shangerdanger vlog)

Bikini Business:

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12 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this a lot my brother! Shangerdanger is doing a sick job currently! 😉

  2. GO TECH AMAN says:

    which song you add on volg because i add some song and copyright soo which song you added on volg

  3. The footage of the models was amazing!

  4. R L says:

    I like the video, wish I could see the final results.

  5. BBBRRRrrrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…awesome cinematic piece once again!! Create a sick video intro of your best pieces which you'll play in every video. Make sure to input your unbelievable underwater clips. Some talking next…maybe a 1 minute cinematic teaser of whats to come…talking…then hit them with the awesome piece towards the end. Just my thoughts bro. I'm happy if you don't change anything. Mahalo!!!!!

  6. You did an awesome job Shane! Even tho that sun never came out…

  7. Sarah Hubert says:

    Everything will be worth it in the end you just gotta keep creating awesome content and keep working towards you're goals !

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