Sizing Zero to In addition-Sizing: what’s wrong with sizing in vogue? | Justine Leconte

Marilyn Monroe was mentioned to be a size 12. Amy Schumer says she is a size 8. But they have comparable measurements…
Why do we have a size and a size 000 in stores now?…
Why is size 12 currently identified as furthermore-size?…
Why is your size constantly various depending on the brand and the region you are browsing in?…
Sizing in the vogue business is a person huge perplexing mess – which I would like to support apparent up with this video clip.

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30 Responses

  1. So: how to you know your size when you go shopping, in your country?.. I carry a tape measure around with me 😉

  2. Eug R says:

    My upper body part is size 14 because I have big bust and lower part is 12 in the UK. So when I want to buy a normal suit for work, or a swimming suit I have to look separately. Really annoying sometimes 🙁

  3. mewmewlunar says:

    When shopping online I always try to find a exact measurement table b/c sizing is bollocks for me, and then add 1-2cm on my answers b/c I'd rather have a loose fit than a tight one.

    When shopping in person I just look at the clothes and take two sizes, and then use trial and error.

    I think one potential reason why it's hard to find a good system for feminine bodies is because there's more variables (hips and bust).

    Most clothing with full sleeves are usually kinda short on me since I prefer feminine clothing since I have a large bust but also taller than the average woman. I wanna try binding some day…

  4. I did enjoy! Thanks, super helpful.

  5. Escapade says:

    Lovely accent, factual videos, you look like you are size 34 over 36

  6. E-gads! What a mess! I'm making my own clothes from now on! 😉

  7. Eva Geiger says:

    woah… I never knew that something as simple as sizes were so over-complicated in the US. It makes one really appreciate the european sizing system. Although I have to add something: While the EU sizes are generally the same, I have noticed that some shops don't really go with them. For example I can easily wear size 36 from Clockhouse (C&A), but am between 36 and 38 at H&M and most others. with those it really depends on the materials and cut of every single piece. Then there is the case of Tally Weil… I don't stand a chance with size 36, and 38 is borderline tight, but then they make a huge jump to 40 and it's just a sack.
    Learning: While European sizes help a lot and are rather unchanging, you still have to know which sizes to use in which shop.
    And at last I'd like to voice my greatest peeve with the sizes: LENGTH. I hate it when I find a beautiful blouse, that fits perfectly, but for the too short sleeves. Then I try a size larger and the sleeves fit, but the cut is far too lose. I am at a point where I repeatedly contemplate getting a sewing machine and start to buy the larger sizes to alter them myself….

  8. Lad Boho says:

    Justine, I have found your channel and I love the information you have given me. The Japanese are geniuses! I discovered "Lolita fashion" if any of you are reading this the name has nothing to do with the work. They have one size! They give you multiple strap and waist and bust sizes depending on the shirting, straps and lacing. It's not for everyone. American jeans are not made for my body, help! Dresses are my go to and thank you Japan for being ingenious ❤️🌸❤️

  9. bun04y says:

    I've found that even the sizing charts are not consistent. One brand of jeans, the chart they had on line told me to order a size 10 when actually that was too big and I needed their size 4. How is anyone supposed to order on line when it is that messed up? At one point I thought maybe we should just go by measurements like men's clothing…but we bought my husband some pants (he didn't try them on, just grabbed his usual size) and when he did try them on they were 4 inches too big…yet labeled 4 inches smaller. HUH?

  10. Andr ' says:

    In Brazil we don't have a standard measurement system, just like the US, and I actually prefer that way. I'm extremely thin and most S or XS are way too big for me, but over the years I have found some brands that have small measures and I always shop at those places. I feel like if there was to be a standard system, the brands that I shop would go bigger, just to follow the majority of the market, since almost 60% of brazilians are overweight or obese, and I would have nothing to wear. I would probably have to shop only at chinese stores, since western people are getting fatter and fatter, and the standards going larger and larger.

  11. Dhwani Malde says:

    Hii Justine it's great to listen to you. I'm from India. We generally prefer number based sizing in our country. And if there are letters i would choose "s" and in numbers i would choose 34 or 36 it changes with the brands.

  12. Your videos always encourage me to find the beauty in myself. So happy I found your channel!

  13. Tzu Keeper says:

    Great video, Justine. Yes, the textured background wall is very attractive.

  14. Tzu Keeper says:

    OMG. That fat slob wishes she was 6 – 8.

  15. Jenna Dodd says:

    There's no way Amy schumer has a 30 inch waist

  16. Glad I stumble upon your vlog!!! Love your vlogs… ❤️

  17. jen lacoste says:

    Bonjour Justine! Thank you so much for this great video. Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa. In this country, the clothing industry is just showing signs of recovering from an almost complete shut-down (along with the cotton growing farms and cotton mills too) caused by the reckless importation of cheap (and mostly very nasty) and terribly badly finished, Chinese clothing. I notice further down in the comments you mention things getting even more confusing  regarding their sizing. This is true! Even if you pick up two identically marked pairs of jeans, for example, both have to be tried on, as the size discrepancy between the two might be as much as two standard sizes. They might have only been made in two different factories using the same label. As for me personally, I am 1m64 tall, therefore in fashion speak "petite", but my bust and hip measurements correspond to Burda sizes 50 and 52 respectively. There are no clothing outlets I have found, who cater for this kind of combination, and, as my budget does not run to having a personal dressmaker, I have become the dressmaker! As you might imagine, the available Chinese-made clothing , even at their size XXXL, just doesn't cope. The biggest problem I have had, across the board, whether buying, or making clothing, has been the method of simply scaling up for larger sizes. So waistbands are too low, shoulder seams hang off the shoulders, sleeves are miles too long, and necklines way too deep. Is there any sign in Europe that something is being done in pattern-making and/or clothing manufacture to deal with these type of problems?

  18. I wish they'd just go by standard units of measurement, like in/cm.

  19. Hello 🙂 Love your videos & I think it's always important to look at the measurements when buying clothes online because sizing can differ so much. Another thing I always consider is the type & composition of the fabric as this can really impact the fit, even for items marked with the same size within the same brand.

  20. I gave up on sizes when shopping online a while ago. Always always always just check the measurements.

  21. Denise C says:

    Hi Justine! This is one of the best videos I have seen related to fashion/style. I have always thought why sizes weren't "standardized" – like why I was one size in one brand and one size in another. Your video is really informative and I loved learning the history behind it all. Thanks for putting together this great video and doing it with great compassion and class as always! 🙂

  22. lelechim says:

    I guess that's why I wear size S or even XS shirts, but my mom's vintage t-shirts from her college days, that are also size S, are tight on me, especially on the shoulders. Back then, Champion made their t-shirts in the USA! You'll never see that now.

  23. i am from south africa and am blessed to have some local women stitch your clothes.i find in my country they use numbers and or small medium large.
    i find shop made clothes very bothersome bec each body is uniquely different and beautifull
    when my dressmaker retires will be hard to find another one she is the last one to still stitch in her family.
    so i am going to start making my own clothes started abit already.

  24. camcat26 says:

    My issue is that as an athlete I have a very different shape than who the clothes are designed for. I'd measure myself, order online, and then end up with clothes that were too big in the front and too tight in the back.

  25. just1girl08 says:

    yeah, sizing for women usually doesn't make sense even within the same store. I have size 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 clothing from H&M for example, (european sizing), although I didn't gain a significant amount of weight recently (3 kg max), all still fit me, and it's bugging me that I have to try on 3-4 sizes of the same stuff, to sometimes realise I have to go 2-3 sizes up from my average size (36-38) or that not even the smallest fits me.
    the same goes for bras I think, I have 75B, 70C, 75C and 70D bras currently, my measured size is 70C. Problem 1: the sizes are all over the place, sometimes 70C doesn't even close on me, sometimes the band size is almost big. The C cup is fairly solid, but here comes problem 2: stores just won't carry 70C most of the time. They have 70A, maybe 70B, but mostly it's 75A-C and 80B-D. So girls with small band sizes and medium sized boobs and busty girls have to spend pretty much twice the money for the same garment. Same goes for bathing suits, except even worse.

  26. Renee Soo says:

    I had an experience buying clothing online and after received it found out the measurements incorrect although size is correct. So, I get a refund from the website by providing them the garment with measurement tape on it.

  27. I just go by measurement I'm bust 32 waist 25 and hips 35.5. I'm generally size 6 in Australia but sometimes 8. Never more though. Also I'm very short at 5'1''

  28. quibily says:

    I'm an American, currently living in China. Sizing in China is insane…. I'm Medium to Large in Western countries, and in China, I'm XXL to XXXL! I hate shopping for clothes in Chinese stores… the saleswomen usually look at me the moment I enter and practically yell "We don't have anything large enough for you!" …. Makes me feel awful.

  29. 1222Tonia says:

    I work in retail and it's quite simple! Support your local boutiques and drive there and try the clothing on!! All clothing is different and must be tried on to get a perfect look! Most important, DO NOT get hung up on the size. Try on:))). Thank you Justine. Love your videos

  30. Renee Soo says:

    In Malaysia, size usually measure in S, M, L, XL, in Australia, size measure in 8, 10, 12, 14, …

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