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  1. Sweet Escape says:

    Sexy Models, Good music on my channel 🙂

  2. Why do all youtube comments turn into argument just enjoy the damn video.

  3. imsoboard100 says:

    @MsAsb1990 Okey, who gives a shit? What you said had nothing to do with what I said.. I said 95% of the models (in the video!!) have fake breasts! THEIR breasts aren't real.. I didn't say anything about other 'swimsuit' models in the world, I said THESE models.

  4. imsoboard100 says:

    @MsAsb1990 And that's related to what I said in.. how?? I didn't say anything about fake breasts vs real! I just said that the models breasts have been under the knife, and if you can't see that, then you need glasses!

  5. imsoboard100 says:

    95% of the models boobs r faaaaaaaake!!!!

  6. giggedy4goo says:

    1:05 and 1:30

    Oh my jiggle

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