Bikini Design Search – Waterbabies Bikinis

Twenty 5 lovely contestants contend in a product search for Waterbabies Bikinis in Clearwater Seashore, Florida. These females pose for skilled photographers and contend for calendar slots and a modeling deal. All females dress in the spectacular custom made Waterbabies bikinis manufacturer. You can browse extra about Waterbabies Bikinis on their internet site

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10 Responses

  1. zdave92 says:

    Those sexy shiny bikinis looked so hot on those beautiful models who all had very sexy bodies.

  2. zdave92 says:

    Very hot bodied beauties in very sexy bikinis.

  3. dugclrk says:

    Also, been nice if we had names to go with the models. (subtitles?)

  4. dugclrk says:

    Nice vid, did not care for the music.

  5. ricker says:

    I like the way it's all mixed together. Awesome editing

  6. Good Lord, same girl at 0:49 and 8:04… gorgeous!

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