Substantial Consider-ON Summertime BIKINI/Apparel HAUL

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ZAFUL third Anniversary Promotion would keep from June 8th to June 21st. It has the major lower price in 2017.
ZAFUL third ANNIVERSARY Promotion Access:
Black With Shell Halter Bikini:
Black Very low Waisted Spaghetti Strap Bikini:
Black One Piece Backless Swimsuit:
Black Backless Significant Cut Swimsuit:
Black Cami Bralette String Bikini:
Burgundy Buckles Velvet Significant Cut Bikini:
Merlot Thrust Up Plunge Bathing Match:
Pink Gentle Pad Spaghetti Straps Thong Bikini:
Pink Halter Velvet Thong Bikini:
Pink Cami Velvet String Thong Bikini:
Pink Knotted Significant Waisted Ruched Bikini:
Pink Gentle Pad Spaghetti Straps Thong Bikini:
Light-weight Blue Very low Waisted Padded Scoop Bikini:
White Plunge Midi Bikini Best And Bandage Bottoms:
White Cami Bralette String Bikini:
Black Camisole Bodysuit:
White Off The Shoulder Rib Knit Crop Best:
Frilled Off The Shoulder Crop Best:
Black Knot Hem Open up Entrance Cropped Best:
Purple Significant Waist Velvet Bra:
Wine Pink Cami Wrap Slip Gown:
Black Punk Lace Up Mini Skirt:
Black Lace-Up Significant Waist Significant Slit Skirt:
Black Side Slit Broad Leg Trousers:

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Q- How outdated are you?
A- I’m sixteen!

Q- What camera do you use and what do you edit with?
A- Canon Rebel t3i & Closing Cut Pro X

appreciate you all to pluto and back, Hailey

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48 Responses

  1. you should go to skiathos( Greece) … it is a really beautiful island …
    btw well i live there sooo 😂💙🔥💪

  2. 5:27 "not a lot of skin showing like me" and 3:38 "way to much coverage for my liking"
    contradicting but it's funny tho xD maybe for different types of clothes, different liking xD

  3. why didn't you do some try-ons? especially the velvet bikinis 🙁

  4. mwillock says:

    why no show your bum in the bikini? the public will see you wearing them some day

  5. I loved this haul, and I'm in love with you're personality, you're such a chill but fun person!!

  6. what size did u get the red one in?

  7. what size did you order your bikinis?

  8. OkayJayyy says:

    we have the same bed frame lol, do you have a room tour

  9. where did you get your shirt?

  10. Kate Michels says:

    you should really do a house tour I love your room

  11. U.e Bold says:

    If i wear any bikini in white or skin colour i will look naked hahaha. Wish I could tan more

  12. Kenzie Reed says:

    I want the white off the shoulders rib knit crop top but I'm really small 😂

  13. Marcus Artis says:

    You have a cute butt you should show it off more in your try on

  14. Eileen Kim says:

    Love love lovee the video, but one question!! What size did you get the black shell bikini in? I love it but I'm getting so many mixed reviews I have no idea what to do

  15. lilj says:

    Your bod is so big for your arms and head AHAHAHA

  16. Lizzyisaway says:

    i dont eat healthy and seeing skinny girls make me starve myself

  17. DimiAsMe says:

    Please hailey do a meet-up with your sister in Athens!!😍😍😍

  18. Can you begin doing vlogs?? Like if you agree

  19. those are BEADS, not seashells

  20. Omg you are body goals. 😍😍😍

  21. Elise M says:

    Ngl I used to love hailey's vids but now she gives off a kinda cocky vibe

  22. you gonna go to vidcon Hailey?!

  23. You're so pretty 😊 I love your videos

  24. Johnny Hearn says:

    Why don't you show us the bottoms all the way around to get the entire look of them since you are doing this to see how they look

  25. Becky Harris says:

    are you naturally skinny? because i know you work out, but is your stomach like that all because you've worked out? or partially because you are naturally skinny? i just wanna know because i'm trying to get a nice stomach and i wanna know if i have a chance haha

  26. Leoniix33 says:

    I purchased bikinis from zaful like two months ago, and I have to say i haven't had any problems. My order came in two packages. The first package arrived 2 weeks after I paid, the second one a week after that. And I liked all of the ordered items except for one bikini. The one that I didn't like was the cheapest and it smelled like chemicals even after I washed it 2 times. But the other ones were perfectly fine for the money ( two of them even looked and felt like high quality bikinis). I really think with the bikinis it's a hit or miss. I was really sceptical too so I only ordered bikinis I saw in Hauls before to be able to estimate the right sizing. I am a UK size 10 and ordered all bikinis in medium oder large depending on the sizing given on the site except for the one piece (got a mall, fits perfectly). I also ordered sunglasse, which did not arrive at all. i got an E-mail where I could choose to wait until they are back in stock and get them shipped or to get my money back. I chose the last option and did get it back after 3 days, without any issues.

  27. Girlllll what size did you get in them?

  28. +haileysani are the bikini's good quality?

  29. Were can I get high waisted mom jeans😙

  30. Gloria Song says:

    can you please do a summer glowy natural everyday makeup tutorial

  31. Jj How says:

    Your try no shots were to fast my mom made go to another site to see the same suits

  32. Lovely bikinis. Thanks girl.

  33. Angie Campos says:

    what ab workout would you recommend for muffin top on the sides that is just mediun

  34. ABC DEF says:

    House tour Hailey plz house tour😙😘😍😗

  35. Iman Kaced says:

    You look like lexa from the 100

  36. Marta Girl says:

    do cheecky bottoms go in yoir booty or do they just covor a bit of your skin? pls answer, i want to buy from zaful, but im just not sure.♡

  37. Gabby Marie says:

    Body goals I need to get like this but I feel like if I work out I would lose weight and I'm already petite I would want to gain muscle

  38. Jemma Hello says:

    Room and closet tour pleaseeeeeee!! also why you keep deleting vids? xx

  39. Lilly Grace says:

    Omg your bod is goalsss love these bikinis !

  40. Omg can't wait for your Greece video!! Love your 2016 one

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