Denise Milani Bikini Photoshoot

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Hey Everyone,

Enjoy the behind the scenes footage of my bikini photo shoot!

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11 Responses

  1. i love you
    plz send more sexy pic s

  2. Denize querida,cadê vc,adicione do meu face,gata tcheca,bjhs!

  3. Magnifique, sublime, etc… Mais je reste nostalgique de la période "+ de poitrine /- de muscles"!
    Dommage aussi qu'elle soit déjà mariée à une autre femme… Fatalitas !

  4. dipasasky says:

    Wow!! Its just not fair I deserve to be with Denise LoL!! She is amazing ,and her abs are perfect what dedication to working out and eating right .If I ever hit it big Denise I want you to know I'm gonna be calling on you thanks

  5. Pale Ronin says:

    topless please please please

  6. Zenobios says:

    Denise milani is a goddess she has the perfect face,immaculate teeth,huge boobs&tight curvy body and lovely skin tone. along with a bubbly sweet personality she is a once in a millennia woman!.

  7. ¡Qué buena que estás! You are so sexy!

  8. Denise Milaniiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

  9. damien251 says:

    Love you girl so damn sexy

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