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1.Solid Cold Shoulder Cover Up without Necklace http://bit.ly/2psHjXM
2.Sequined Halter Backless Deep V-Neck Swimsuit http://bit.ly/2pHKs5n
3.Lace Splicing Backless Halter Swimsuit http://bit.ly/2psL3IP
4.Solid Lace Up Asymmetric Sweater http://bit.ly/2poRVtm
5.Solid Lace Up Tab-Sleeve Blouse http://bit.ly/2ohK653
6.Lace Up Blouse http://bit.ly/2oOlzaQ
7.Mesh Splicing Zipper Swimsuit http://bit.ly/2oCH8cd
8.Floral Halter Sexy Bikini Set http://bit.ly/2nU7YiY
9.Sequined Halter Splicing Bikini Set http://bit.ly/2olvjFF

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38 Responses

  1. Jonny M says:

    I like the blue ones…..looks good with your navel piercing…wow!

  2. you looked 💯🙆🙇🙆🙇🙆🙇🙆🍒👌👍perfect in it all Alyssa!!

  3. Jada Noi says:

    Omg wtf, her body is nice af

  4. Jenny H says:

    love the cheeky one piece, especially on you!

  5. joeventure01 says:

    loking good in those, a bit more nops n cameltoe would be good

  6. pinkbows09 says:

    in the thumbnail it looks like you're wearing a diaper

  7. Omg you're totally right about that one suit. Very Sharpay Evans

  8. Nina Cera says:

    Your body is curvy and perfect! Wow

  9. Rainy Vlogs says:

    I like that pink sweater.

  10. g lorian says:

    You rock all the bathing suits! Also, I don't know if you have any seamstress skills but the "lace splicing backless one piece" probably just needs to have the back coverage reduced. The sides and front are perfect; the back is stretched because of its design but should be fine if it's cut to taper into a tanga/thong shape, and maybe a little ruching for contour. 💖 the video and you!

  11. I absolutely lovvve ya boo! Please keep making more vids <3

  12. Jenn Kwong says:

    And there goes that HOT Hour Glass Shape Bod again 😉

  13. oooh I was looking for a new swimsuit, I'll try this place too! they all looked so bomb on you and the sparkly blue one would be super cute for 4th of july I think

  14. our taste are completely different the pink one with sequins is hideous!

  15. PugParty says:

    I don't mind ads but I wish you didn't do ads form scam companies 🙁 these companies take people's money and send them the worst quality items ever or never send them anything at all

  16. Literally all I can hear when watching this echoing in my head is the video where you said "Sorry Grandma" lmao!

    Okay, so I first watched your newest video from today and feel the need to say, your hair isn't stringy??? Wtf?? Thin, yes, not stringy. Secondly, man I love your confidence, you killed it. I loved the gray and pink lace up sweaters, the floral bikini and the sequin one!

  17. Not really a fan of these swim suits

  18. I'm surprised you didn't like the floral halter bikini!! It looks BOMB on you !!! 💣

  19. Asymmetric is pronounced like ay-simetric. 😉

  20. Your body is goals girl! Screw the idiot children that write stupid comments.. They're clearly unhappy in their life to have to take the time to write hate comments.

  21. Katy Motley says:

    Literally love all of these on you 😭❤️

  22. ashley betts says:

    ignore all the haters commenting. Your videos are awesome and your gorgeous! they are just jealous!!!

  23. Chevy 1 says:

    loved this video! Haters are always going to hate. Your sexy and they hate it! your sexy as fuck! blue lacey one piece you showed some confidence. loved it. Its all woman talking shit. thats when you know your looking good. i wish i could subscribe twice lol!

  24. i seriously dont understand why you people sit here and conplain about the type of video that she uploaded to HER OWN channel. like if you have an issue dont watch?

  25. Ace Herron says:

    all these hater🙄

    please ignore them your so beautiful and you have an amazing body to!! I think they are just jealous 😍🙈 x

  26. Y'all stop giving her hate you look dumb 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ she's doing nothing wrong , so what if she's posting these kind of vids ? That's one reason YouTube is for 💁🏻 get yuh head checked , keep it up Alyssa ! Love your vids 💋💋

  27. Emily Glass says:

    alyssa slays so hardcore oh my god

  28. I like that you are showing us the entire outfit on you! I like to know what the stuff looks like.

  29. Christina H says:

    I really liked the second bikini on you!

  30. You look amazing! I love haul videos and you picked out some really cute ones!

  31. I think they are all very pretty the blue one is really cute! Xo☺️💕

  32. Hannah S says:

    These all look so good on you! I actually love watching haul videos 🙂

  33. What eyelashes do you use ?they're beautiful 😍

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