Ashley Graham Directs Women In Their First Lingerie Shoot | Glamour

Ashley Graham directs a lingerie shoot with women of all sizes and backgrounds. Ashley helps coach and inspire them to find their light, work their angles, and celebrate the skin they are in.

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Ashley Graham Directs Women In Their First Lingerie Shoot | Glamour

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48 Responses

  1. xman4un says:

    It's just the opposite, people who are really psychologically secure with, not only their bodies, but themselves…respect themselves enough to not flounder themselves like a piece of meat. She's a total phony, deludes insecure women and without a model face, would be totally ignored.

  2. Paige Short says:

    Guys when they say real women, they mean women that haven't been retouched in photos.

  3. Ashely is such a inspiration ❤ She's a queen who deserves A Noble Peace prize❤💖

  4. Emviel X says:

    I don't get why everybody hates thick girls

  5. Bunny says:

    Ashley still has a nice figure despite being overweight, I am slightly smaller than her but I have a double chin, and not a nice distinct jaw line like Ashley 🙁

  6. How beautiful. Equality for all.

  7. Helen v717 says:

    I am fat and I love my body. I have been called fat and guys seem not interested to know me when they see me but honestly I just don't care anymore anymore what people think of me life is short I am going to live it and enjoy to the fullest 😘🤗😍 thanks Ashley for being such a great role model love you 😍

  8. samurai x says:

    Ashley Graham is doing such an amazing job at opening minds to the idea how bodies real look, even if you are skinny or fat, she will tell you as it is. Thought I still think she has it easier because she doesn't have fat in her belly and with the fantasy there is today about all the big hips, made her go where she is now, but thankfully she is an amazing person and very conscious.

  9. Recently, I've gained a bit of weight due to medical reasons and even though it isn't a lot, I still felt insecure. This video really touched me because I should feel just as beautiful as I did before the weight gain then after. I can't thank Ashley and all those girls in the video and Glamour enough. I really needed this.

  10. This is a beautiful video! All shapes and sizes are gorgeous and we deserve to be treated with respect

  11. I love Ashley don't matter if she's big or skinny.

  12. x3i4n says:

    She's confident, but shes unhealthy, sadly.

  13. Great job… keep on helping others. Haitian women need you… Hope your vids could be seen by millions of Haitian men and women…

  14. Ashley is such a beautiful woman, hope this video gone viral. I loved it

  15. Miha says:

    I am reading the comments and it makes me really sad! Guys, this is promoting self love and acceptance! You can still love yourself while working towards your dream body or just as you are!

  16. Marta O.F says:

    En español por favor!!!🙏🏻

  17. These hate comments. Whats wrong with her body? It's just bigger but there is nothing bad about it. She is still shaped well and doesn't have fat rolls.

  18. Promoting obesity is not only stupid, but also unhealthy. I do agree that it’s important to feel good in your body, nevertheless we should always take care of ourselves and being overweight/obese is, newsflash, quite the opposite.


  20. bennyver says:

    You are so beautyful Ashley 🙂

  21. wocelo says:

    what is the model of lingerie Ashley Graham is wearing? I think it's cute and would love to buy it to my fiancee

  22. I absolutely love how she included a smaller body type as well! All bodies are beautiful :')

  23. So if I don't pretend that she's hot I'm a bad person?

  24. Gosh I hope this goes viral so more girls can see this ❤️

  25. Maia Loreal says:

    I crieeed, love this video

  26. beselbic says:

    Ashley Graham is probably the first model in history who would lose money if she lost weight. Definitely breaking new ground in the modeling field.

  27. sucktastic says:

    Millennials and their participation trophies. What's next, being a pro basketball player just because you feel like you're entitled to be one?

  28. But this is adorable and one of my fave videos right now

  29. Im glad they had a small girl too everyone thinks because ur not fat that ur so happy and aren't insecure which is a lie

  30. Starr lauren says:

    Ashley Graham is so pretty and inspirational

  31. When Ashley started crying, I cried. She's an amazing person.

  32. Wondering says:

    This actually made me cry 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

  33. she's not just looks, she's incredibly smart and a wonderful strong woman that our society needs

  34. When people tell me that all I am is skinny I feel really insecure. I try to eat as much as I can because everyone keeps saying I need to eat (I have quite a hyper thyroid gland) and that I'm anorexic when I'm not. I always feel like crying because I wanna be curvy or thick but I can't…I'm just…a straight line and I hate it. People always compare themselves to me and say I can't be insecure because…well, I'm a STICK and I don't get insecure, and I don't have feelings and I'm perfect because I'm skinny and I can't talk because I have a flat stomach and I have skinny legs. When…all I wanna be is like them.

  35. I love and respect ashley even more after this, she is so amazing

  36. Celia says:

    They are all beautiful omg Ashley is so lovely

  37. Heidiflowers says:

    I wanna know where they got the lingerie it's gorgeous

  38. Yes confidence blah blah blah. Being fat is not fitting in the bus seat and wishing nobody sits next to you because you can't move, is back and knees pain, is heavy breast and shoulder pain because of the weight in the bra, is double chin, is jewelry not fitting your fingers, is dresses not fitting your body, is sweating double as other people… These are a few examples of my and my family's fat experience. Please wake up people. Ashley Graham is a model with hourglass body, long legs, tight glowing skin, flat stomach and a very beautiful face. And that's the reason why she's a model. 98% of us do not look and will never look like this. And for heaven's sake, she's plus sized but not yet obese. If you're obese because you like eating chips and looking for an excuse to do nothing, she absolutely should't be your inspiration.

  39. - - says:

    Ashley's so hot she could melt steel, just by being near it.

  40. frank javier says:

    By far one of the sexiest photoshoots I've ever seen.

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