Bikini & Clothing Try-On Haul (Zaful, Forever 21, H&M, Windsor)

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36 Responses

  1. Just subbed !! I also have a channel if you want to check it out, have a lovely day! <3

  2. s says:

    love love love this video! I subscribed to you could you please sub back? I post similar content <3

  3. So many cute clothes girl, I love your style and you're so gorgeous! xo <3

  4. yess your sense of style gives me life!

  5. Very nice video my friend 💕 ◕‿◕ 💕 Like&sub 💕 hope you sub back 🙂

  6. Cute clothes!! I need to go shopping lol.

  7. SwathiArts says:

    Hi! I'm a new subscriber, mind checking out my channel and subscribing back? thanks 🙂

  8. chloe jade says:

    Such cute outfits! Just subbed xx plz sub back

  9. Nancy Okocha says:

    Hey, I love this video! I literally just found your channel and I love it! I just subscribed after this video and also gave it a thumbs up! I hope you could maybe subscribe back? So we can hopefully collab in the future?! I would really like to collab wit you:))

  10. body onfleek nice try-on 👏👌👌 I subbed please subbed back for the support… If you like we be youtuber friends 💕

  11. Such a pretty selection of clothing. And without sounding super creepy you have such a nice body! Keep up the good work

  12. LOOK AT THAT BODY YESSS!!! Loved the pieces .. about to do a summer haul as well.. hope you check out my channel so we can support each other.. keep on the good work!

  13. Loved your haul babe, you've got some cute bits!!

  14. eve m says:

    i love tht stripped dress and red shirt

  15. Tina Marie says:

    work it!! love the stuff you bought

  16. You picked up some really cute pieces.

  17. John Tramp says:

    I have now subscribed to your channel! Thank you!!***********
    Watch my new animations: 👍👍👍👍👍
    Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

  18. Sewa Folie says:

    loving the zaful bikinis. nice vid 🙂

  19. You're too gorgeous!! Like I literally want to be you😍😍😍

  20. Darcy Lynn says:

    Love that jean jacket!!

  21. Monika Szucs says:

    Great job on this haul video looks like awesome stuff! =)
    Hope you can check out my latest video too!

  22. Elana Rose says:

    You look stunning! I love the peach/ floral romper. Liked and subbed, hope you can check out my channel.

  23. LindaaMujerr says:

    <33 this haul, super cute clothes , i need more bathing suits , <3 the white & Windsor dress 🙂 & the burgundy swimsuit.
    tfs gorgeoussss. thumbssss way uppp !


  24. the white dress, the red top, the elephant top, the dress with the zipper near the end and the bathing suits.. are my favs!

  25. Great choices Tynia! & your hourglass figure is amazing girl, you should do a video on your fitness routine <3

  26. Ida Linnea says:

    your style is amazing! i just uploaded too and would love if you could check out 🙂

  27. itsKristiii says:

    Lovedd how simple this vid was but you showed your entire haul!! Loveee that dress from Windsor btw 🙂

  28. Ugh this makes me want to go shopping again! Also, body goals! Do you have a work-out routine because if you do, I'd love to know what it is! That f21 peachy romper is so cute! And the elephant print top! Ooo that windsor dress!!! What are you up to for the rest of summer Tynia!? 😀 N

  29. LXS TV says:

    You look amazing in those bikinis!

  30. moon clique says:

    Ok wow you are beautiful! & I love love love these looks

  31. the shirt with the elephants is so freaken cute

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