Plus size Model Claudia Floraunce in a Bikini embracing her curves!

I want the world to join my campaign “Embrace your Curves” and start being proud of your body.

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16 Responses

  1. I love your body Claudia !!! I dream your big ass …gorgeous !!!

  2. hi im in hollywood u r beautiful lets hang out sometime

  3. andy& red says:

    I'd like to see her in a thong

  4. You're  real natural beauty!

  5. this is not healthy! you are promoting not plus size but obesity!! there is a difference!!!

  6. 25corn94 says:

    Do u reply to any comments

  7. 25corn94 says:

    Claudia floraunce u are so beautiful

  8. Aziz Raja says:

    You are so beautiful you have a beautiful rear

  9. Guy Giuffre says:

    Claudia divine bbw model…!!!

  10. XR2015 says:

    This is the lady to change how people will forever look at all full figured ladies.Vielen Dank Claudia.

  11. Jaron J. says:

    @ClaudiaFloraunce You are so hot, All plus size women stand up!

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