Vivacious Swimwear Collection with Gold Coast Bikini Models

Vivacious Swimwear 2012-2013 e-catalogue DVD look-book. Vivacious Swimwear is a Gold Coast designer swimwear label. Wholesale & Retail.
Featuring models from Katz Model Managment. Music ‘Girl’ by Dolphins.

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  1. mmmail1969 says:

    Yaaawwnnnn, obviously as all these "don't look at me as a sexual object" ladies were prancing around in their bikinis, I was wondering what their views on gene vector delivery approaches were!

  2. HELLO GIRLS .. My name is Zuby 28 years old and i am a lesbian . Hey girls you are looking great and sexy… I always love to see girls like you.You know last night i was watching your video. . really it was so hot… . .As i am staying alone very often i do use my vibrator for self pleasure….Hey i do not feel shy to say that i do get my orgasm after the climax….YEAAAAAAAA.. BYE…zuby.

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