10 Shocking CONFESSIONS of UFC Octagon Girls

top 10 facts about UFC ring models
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When it comes to enjoying a UFC match, it’s nice when a bikini-clad girl can give us a break from all the bloodshed. Though they are essentially eye candy for the spectators, there is more than meets the eye to UFC ring girls! From dating the fighters, to having no job security, these are 10 confessions from UFC ring girls!

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45 Responses

  1. TheRichest says:

    Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

  2. S GC says:

    And where are the shocking confessions of ring BOYS?? Oh right, I forgot, that we still live in a sexist world, my fault.

  3. I saw one of this guys touch there asses with there knee

  4. Mr Robotoe says:

    just what kind of video is this

  5. Saikat Kar says:

    4:05 Focus on what Task? What do these girls do besides just standing there. Get into proper modeling if you want. This job is horrible.

  6. DougJK says:

    No training? Wow. Who would've guessed?

  7. Anderson didn't break his ankle… he broke bones in his shin

  8. haku22222 says:

    They should get rid of em.

  9. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  10. What no training process?? ya don't say….

  11. ufc gals don't wear high heels you nimrod

  12. vojomil says:

    This Is suppose to be CONFESSIONS.

  13. sooo they are basically typical club sluts…yeah

  14. It makes ke angry that they earn so much

  15. They are already models before getting in the octagon?
    No shit

  16. was actually looking for some scandal….

  17. DamedFilms says:

    youtube ads are getting a little obnoxious these days. 30 second ad i cant skip jeeze

  18. Lord Teemo says:

    wow i work 80 hours/week to get 1200 euros/month ..
    and they make almost 10k/month by just by holding signs with numbers …

  19. Sal Monella says:

    Forgot to mention that they all must fuck that fat, bald headed prick with the Daffy Duck lisp and girly name.

  20. women r all sluts, i know hate will come with this comment but speaking truth give them couple drinks

  21. papinbala says:

    Mercedes Terrel fiiiiiiiiine

  22. Ken T says:

    in reality, they get gigs by sleeping with dirty old executives….

  23. So fucking ridiculous nobody falling in love in ufc dumbass lol

  24. this video does not give enough sources

  25. N.S_GAMING says:

    Mayweather is gonna destroy McGregor

  26. Josh Hudson says:

    richest is horrible. it can get tricky getting through a open door lol

  27. Chris Grieve says:

    Nothing shocking about this video they're pieces of meat holding signs no talent involved

  28. Eric Garner says:

    Rename to Facts about UFC Ring Girls

  29. Baran P says:

    Why are ring girls so expansive seriously. I watch the fight for the fight not for ring girls, that much money shouldn't be going there.

  30. Hale frost says:

    Anderson Silva snapped his Fibula and Tibia. He did not break his ankle.

  31. Bill Rich says:

    Rhonda should retire as a fighter and become a ring girl clad in her body paint. Both she and Meisha would be insanely popular in that role. But, both have other opportunities that are much much better, I'm sure.

  32. Liam Moore says:

    1:51 if girs have such strong stomach's why cant thay swalla my spunk

  33. To be honest they could replace them with ring guys or ring dogs for all i care

  34. Roy says:

    Woot for slutty chicks

  35. all i can say is im lucky if get marry one of those girls XD

  36. It's great that they get paid well. NFL cheerleaders get $50 a game for the eagles and most of the NFL teams. Ronda rousey should be saying it's great they get paid well because everywhere else women get 75 cent on the dollar. Stepping on the heads of the ring girls so female fighter get paid better is just throwing them under the bus. Female fighters should get paid and bonuses in line with their male counterparts

  37. Joe E says:

    Urijah should hold up the card and shake his chin

  38. picha pie says:

    nothing but gold diggers

  39. Bent Water says:

    The most shocking of all is they're all men. Big heads, long arms, no curves, zero child bearing hips and a bony ridge above the eyes. According to Human Anatomy the UFC men are women and the women are men. That's way they only date each other. Trannys of a feather flock together.

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