Is It Possible To Body Build at Planet Fitness? | Bikini Competitor’s View

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Hey, babes! I show what I looked like a year after I started working out, to now (transformation photos from May 2013)! I hope this shows you that anything is possible, when you work hard!
Love you all, xoxo

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32 Responses

  1. Jsanc2075 says:

    Thank you for this vid. I don't get all the negativity PF gets. If you want to get fit, lose weight in a friendly environment PF is for you. I've never had a problem with any other members or staff…Actuallt quite the opposite.

  2. Gladys Rios says:

    I'm happy you go to pf I go their for the same reason is cheap and also you can make it work ! Love it

  3. Planet Fitness is great, lost 60 lbs. there and then transferred to a powerlifting gym after my contract.

  4. Anubis Smite says:

    Don't tell them about your shows!! I DARE YOU TO HANG UP A PICTURE OF YOU IN THE SHOW AT PLANET FATNESS !!!

  5. Peter Mills says:

    Great message. I work out at the local park.

  6. Mary Mimi says:

    I love planet fitness! I have a shoulder injury that's not repairable surgically, so the low weights are fine with me lol.

  7. James Browne says:

    I live in Florida. I just started following you because of your Planet Fitness workouts on YouTube. I looked you up on Instagram too. I am just starting to workout regularly at Planet Fitness so I hope you continue to make Planet Fitness workout YouTube videos and Instagram entries. You are the best fitness personality to show workouts specific to Planet Fitness hands down. I hope you stay with that gym and make more You Tube videos. Thank you Hannah! 💪🏻😀

  8. Lance Smith says:

    Males need bigger weights

  9. Joanne S says:

    thank you, I love my current gym but Im moving to another state and the only close gym is a planet fitness so I hope I can reach my goals

  10. Corey Shiner says:

    That was a great video! Your mindset determines your goals…love it!

  11. Ryan adaмѕ says:

    I like planet fitness. they have everything I need there for now.

  12. medli Nessa says:

    you can't become big at planet fitness, without free barbells, heavy dumbells and grunting

  13. Dnt Wry says:

    Not really the best place for anyone trying to do any kind of serious weight training.

  14. you lost it pencil neck no chains no racks or cages db. only to 60 girly joint at best my gym db to 350 chains 100lb plates good place to grow

  15. Barb W says:

    I think it depends on which Planet Fitness locations you go to. The location that I go to is excellent. Plenty of free weights, good machines for every body part, lots of ab machinery , 2 levels of circuit training, a muscle band room, plus other equipment besides just cardio, and when it comes to cardio there are 6 different types of machine to choose from. I don't however think that advanced male bodybuilders would be satisfied, however I am a non steroidal female, and I have gotten into great shape at my Planet Fitness,and I see guys in great shape there as well, granted again , not advanced competitive male bodybuilders, but there are regular fit guys who are hot at my branch. The staff is extra friendly and helpful, and it is open 24hrs . Plus the locker room is kept in immaculate condition with private dressing rooms. .So far as the junk food criticism is concerned they only serve pizza and or bagels once a month. They are not serving those things every day or even every week, at least not where I train, like videos that bash Planet Fitness would lead you to believe. Please lets be fair minded

  16. Thanks for the info. i had a lot of doughts about PF. Since I go there

  17. acarlos818 says:

    The video showed you using a trx system inside PF. Did you bring your own trx kit to PF or does PF have them there for use?

  18. You're really awesome! I agree 100% its all on you to reach your goals. You look amazing btw. 👍 ☺🌹

  19. im new to your channel and this is the first video I watched and everything you said I agree with it because I worked out at home for two years and I've got very good result just working out at home and it's true that it comes down to how bad you want it, I now work out at planet fitness because of financial so it the one I can afford but ive noticed my determination had gone down alot and sometimes I miss working out at home I can't no more because my mom sold the weights lol but with what you said at the end I thank you because it like reset my mindstate to how bad you really want it

  20. Henrik Gand says:

    Good god your boring and full of shit

  21. Melissa D. says:

    Totally agree! I go to planet fitness and love that especially being newer to lifting weights I don't feel as intimidated as being at a gym like lifetime. And the best part is all the money I get to save! Btw just started following you on insta and now here-love your videos! Your an inspiration thanks for doing what you do!

  22. I love this! I tell people this all the time who say PF is a joke. I too train at PF due to finances and being in a small town and compete in bodybuilding. It all comes down to how bad you want to reach those goals 🙌🏼 new sub and loving your channel girl! 💜

  23. I actually had a good time at my local Planet Fitness after signing up last night now that I left LA Fitness. I lifted two 45lb weight plates over my head, did squat-jumps over those purple step-stoll thingys, used the Smith Machines to bench press adding an extra 10 pounds due to the Smith Machine. It wasn't too bad. 😄😄

  24. randi gomez says:

    Yes!! We have to go to YMCA because we have 4 kids 6 years and under. So daycare is needed. The gym is overly crowded (people and equipment) and doesn't have some of the things I loved having at our previous gym. But we make it work.

  25. Thank you for this haha while PF might not be my ultimate gym, that's where I am right now and you can still do SOOO much #StillHateTheLunkAlarm

  26. Jackie Felt says:

    I dont get why people feel like that. I went to lifetime fitness for a few years and paid 75 dollars a month, and it was a bronze gym! sure they have a few things planet doesn't but I'm now at planet fitness and love it and I save so much money!

  27. Amanda Ryan says:

    I totally agree! I am lucky with my pf because it has a squat rack and bench press. Now they are moving (sad) but a gym is a gym. It is the individual that has to put in the work and have an open mind!

  28. I'm glad to hear that you aren't letting the gym you go to affect your fitness goals and that you have a positive mindset about Planet Fitness now, even if it's not the best gym out there. You look hella good in those pictures! You have quickly become one of my favorite fitness YouTubers, Instagrammers, and Snapchat-ers(?) and I look forward to watching your videos. I need to watch those videos you uploaded before I subscribed to you. Hannah, you have such a friendly, warm, inviting personality, are funny, and knowledgeable. You deserve so many more subscribers. They are missing out!

  29. I love this, I actually work at a planet fitness and I get frustrated when people tell me it's not a real gym. I have seen people transform their bodies in amazing ways

  30. Paola Munoz says:

    Yes girl preach!! I workout at planet fitness and I love it! 24hrs and it's cheap for me since I'm in college and I have gained muscle there. I'm not spending $40 on a gym that doesn't make me happy

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