Four girls react to CRAZY 900 horsepower Nissan GTR pulls

“Hot girls reactions to fast cars” playlist: – How will four girls react to a 900 horsepower Nissan GTR by Induction Performance? Hosted by Michael Berenis and as seen dominating at the 2013 FL2K event, watch and see how J “tezza” Camacho, Stephanie Wilson, Kimi Beattease, and Mary F. White react to their first ride in a 9 second Nissan GT-R!

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Girls intro: 2:23
First reaction: 3:45
Second reaction: 7:32
Third reaction: 10:43
Fourth reaction: 15:43

2012 Nissan GTR specifications:
-Induction Performance Custom Tune
-Induction Performance Stage 2 Package
-Precision Turbo & Engine Stage 1 Upgraded Turbos
-Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
-Induction Performance Built 3.8 VR38 Engine
-Jacks Transmissions Drag 800 Transmission
-Boost Logic Race Intercooler Kit

Meet the models! Check out their Facebook pages for more pics, info, and contact information:

J ‘tezza’ Camacho
Owner of TezzaVision Productions

Stephanie Wilson
Model for Blue Chair Bay Rum

Kimi Beattease

Mary F. White

About Induction Performance:
A leader of automotive innovation and performance, Induction Performance has been supplying the world of speed-savvy enthusiasts with ample amounts of boost for years. Built on the premise of daily driven, reliable performance, Induction Performance is ready to turn your car into a work of speed and art!

Learn more about Induction Performance by visiting below:

What’s that chrome car? Appearing in this video is the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST from my involvement as an agent for the #FiestaMovement. Ford provided me with a 2014 Ford Fiesta, gas, insurance, and admin costs.

Ice Flow Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Are you a #Boostaholics enthusiast? If you love turbocharged cars and just can’t get enough bewst, I want to be your friend 🙂 Let’s connect!

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23 Responses

  1. Scenes: Girls intro: 2:23 First reaction: 3:45 Second reaction: 7:32 Third reaction: 10:43 Fourth reaction: 15:43

  2. weed chicken says:

    Whered u guys get these dumpster tier bitches?

  3. Eugene Krabs says:

    Lets be honest the only hot one was Stephanie lol

  4. Robert Guba says:

    Okay none are any where near "models" I can call myself the president but that doesn't make me a president. Sorry but if it wasn't for the car I would give this vid a fail.

  5. Robert Guba says:

    all those girls look like B team strippers or 3rd string porn stars. the red head I really though was a boy. I'm really hoping this is make a wish type thing, and not attempting to do the hot girls and hot cars

  6. Now I can give my mom an excuse for watching girls.

  7. ramon guzman says:

    the chuky's sister (red hear)….mmm…beatiful…muaaa.

  8. david malone says:

    WTF is he doing with his mouth when they accelerate?

  9. G Spyder says:

    Before the video – "Yeh, make sure the camera is pointed right at their cleavage."

  10. Devil's Son says:

    the first woman is weird. and she looks like chucky.

  11. Boring, nothing popped out, not enough Jumps…

  12. the first girl Made me Cringe ( Gold Digger )

  13. NiteMare50 says:

    Do you have NOS as well?

  14. boi 69 says:

    The only thing missing is a black couch

  15. Voleva farsi vedere le tette la seconda…ahahah

  16. u sure ? says:

    This guy looks like Ali G

  17. those sluts just want to be on camera.

  18. Pruto says:

    So cringe, their reactions seem so forced lul

  19. bdavies1995 says:

    shit Ali G changed so much

  20. White trash girls lol always

  21. Пиздец стремные телки

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