Trying The Victoria’s Secret Diet For A Week (feat. Michelle Khare)

Hey everyone!! I’ve been wanting to try crazy diets and debunk what people say is healthy. I brought in my buddy Michelle to try this week of hell with me 🙂 Let me know what you think!

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25 Responses

  1. the cottage cheese is because lactic acid burns stomach fat

  2. Bee Honeydew says:

    I see a lot of people in the comments saying "Oh, it doesn't seem that bad." and "They're overreacting, it can't be that bad." Seriously?! You do realize that this kind of diet is extremely unhealthy and dangerous to your body and mental health, right?

  3. Victoria's Secret models doesn't eat after a schedule, they just eat what they want to. That's what they say in person.

  4. lihanam 786 says:

    It's dumb when people not in the industry try to go on diets like these. I mean the model's jobs require them to look perfect. This is WORK for them for which they get paid. It's annoying when ordinary people feel the need to imitate these models

  5. That's more than I eat for breakfast. Maybe that's my problem…

  6. Maybe the models get their kicks from something other than food. I probably could replace eating with shopping if I had the money.

  7. I eat less that that though and I still am quite chubby

  8. Michelle's teeth are white as hell

  9. Oly.B says:

    I hollered at the dinner, haha

  10. I want to work out 2 times a day 😂 you guys are very lazy .. why would you do the diet to complain 😑😑

  11. Michelle first said that in reality it wasn't a lot of food and at the end that it was more than she normally eats

  12. sensate444 says:

    So how much weight did you lose?

  13. I'm doing a water fast RN IT SUCKS

  14. Well damn. Tbh i just drink liquids throught my day instead of eating (idky) but damnnn

  15. ha ha try FASTING. which we do during Ramadhan so u guys know the real deal. i bet VS models wouldnt even last a day. and we do it for 30 days

  16. this is how I eat all the time and I'm still fat lifes not fair

  17. Zoya Mir says:

    I thought that the breakfast was actually pretty big

  18. I feel your pain I did the full 9 days with my friend it was living hell!!!

  19. 535zz says:

    Ok….so what was the result besides a bunch of grumpiness? Did you guys lose weight? How much?

  20. But wait, how much weight did you lose? 😕

  21. Nina B says:

    12 hours of not eating wtf that's not a diet that's starvation

  22. Nina B says:

    I mean the only thing I drink is water and protein smoothies I make at home

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