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14 Responses

  1. girl on the right with LIGHT BLUE …


  2. MrMisterMan says:

    bodies: Awesome
    faces: Not so much

  3. vas a decir q una gana? tomatelaaaaa

  4. p dubs says:

    and, the winer was? the red bikini is too amphetanined

  5. cubano0306 says:

    i choose girl on the right

  6. Airmanmx1 says:

    Let us pray! Dear Jesus that art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom…sweet mother of Jesus thank you for gifting us with sure exquisite exquisite pretty little things. I swear I will stop being a bitch when I get a papercut. I mean they hurt Jesus like the surprise you and shit. Sorry, yeah where was I?

  7. Nikki Sixx says:

    Name of gurl on the right?

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