My Journey From 32% Bodyfat to Bikini Pro –ONLINE TRAINING– @AudraFit
Facebook: Audra Thrush WBFF Bikini Pro

This is my journey from being an overweight 20 year old to losing the weight, becoming a fitness trainer & entering myself into a Bikini Competition with with WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion

Three months after this video was shot (July 2013) I won my Pro Card at the WBFF California Championships. In 2014 I transferred into the Fitness Model category with the WBFF and have competed in the Montreal Pro Show and the WBFF Worlds show as a Fitness Model.

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24 Responses

  1. Your story is so motivating. Ive wanted to do something similar for so long. I now have some motivation. How do i go about taking nutrition classes?

  2. Love this vid. Always inspires me. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Totally loved listening to your story. I'm competing for the first time in October here in Australia with the AWNBS. So excited but very nervous!! A huge well done to you ❤️❤️

  4. I'm currently 32% body fat and am on a journey. my goal is to get down to 17-20% body fat for my health and to decrease my LDL cholesterol. This video is motivating for me.

  5. Your story is inspiring thanks

  6. anup barla says:

    Really amazing ,very ,nice story. So motivational.

  7. Sherri Hill says:

    I Decided on a whim to train for a bikini comp in August, start in 2 days. Thanks for the inspiration. I am 46 and a grandmother to 2. I think the thought of being on stage with all the young beautiful girls is going to motivate me to work harder than I ever have. 14 weeks probably won't be enough time to be super successful, but I have a feeling it will just be a start to a future goal of real success….hopefully before I hit 50!

  8. Christina says:

    "cause I'm a big disney freak"
    subscribed! 😉

  9. Its my girl 🙂 I know you!!

  10. I used to have a nice body and I was skinny as soon as I left high school I gained so much weight now I'm 23 years old and just had a baby I weigh 200 pound there's no way going back now it's so sad

  11. I don't do any sports so I have to work out regularly to maintain my size

  12. Audra this is excellent! So many people think they can just workout. Society has brainwashed us into believing we can eat whatever if we workout.

  13. I was getting ready for a Competition last summer but then I moved back in with parents (moved across the country and waiting for our house to be finished) and I ate everything they ate and I gained all my weight back and more. Now I'm trying for attempt 2 – still living at home (we move next week) and I'm getting so nervous that I won't be ready – this boosted my confidence and motivation to just get out there and kill it.

  14. You look extremely familiar. I believe P, California? I didn't want to put the town name for your privacy. I don't live any Cali any longer but I swear I think I have the right person lol

  15. can I still drink alchol and get cut if you have a healthy diet?

  16. shell_83 says:

    You are super awesome humble person , and are inspiring me to achieve my goals

  17. Anna Ramos says:

    Hi I'm a new subscriber. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and journey. I want to join the WBFF next year 2017. It will be my first time. Do you have a video on what makeup look is recommended for the WBFF and where do you buy your suits?

  18. Mell Bg says:

    I feel ya! I did the same things, worked the same stuff..gained weight..

  19. Skye Kym says:

    Thanks for this video! I am preparing for NPC currently but am looking into WBFF.

  20. Do u think u can do a what I eat in day video? X☺️

  21. Awesome videos! good job girl 🙂

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