Bikini Models Promote Miss Dairy Cow Pageant In China

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This weekend, China held its first Miss Dairy Cow Pageant. The pageant was set up to promote the dairy industry of the central Chinese province of Shanxi. The competition saw over 200 cows compete on looks, milk and pedigree.

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10 Responses

  1. Hzec says:

    The girl with the red shirt and black skirt has bigger Tits dude……

  2. This looks like a video a guy made that had a very awkward fetish. 🙂

  3. xFLAMETIZZYx says:

    They should of had milk quality tested

  4. westerns obvious don't understand how big a deal dairy is for the Chinese for westerners dairy is normal for the but its not the majority of Asian countries

  5. Tom N says:

    The dislikes are all for China to even think of this dumb f#cking sh!t smh

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