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17 Responses

  1. SHAWN CHU says:

    Natalia you are so beautiful!

  2. ampipeline says:

    congratulations for your perfect body, great job !

  3. So Beautiful. I love your photos in Reps Magazine. Your face is stunningly Cute. I love your smile. Your Body is perfect. Damn that smile just gets at me.

  4. Natalia Kern says:

    @DFM3333 wow, thanks for your kind words!

  5. BananaJSSI says:

    The perfect body! Great vid. Two thumbs up for you

  6. Natalia Kern says:

    @DFM3333 Thank you so very much!!!

  7. Natalie captivates the scene and doesn't let go. This is a model of incredible range.

  8. Natalia Kern says:

    @raim0nd87 multumesc frumos!!

  9. Natalia Kern says:

    @DanielFotografie Thank you! Deal, I'll let you know 🙂

  10. Natalia Kern says:

    @agnes143 ahhh, you are so sweet! Let me know when they cast new models 😉 Thank you!

  11. Natalia Kern says:

    @DonaldTrump3 Thank you, as always 🙂

  12. you need to be in sports ilustrated! please apply! you would so make it!

  13. Dan F says:

    Super tare.

    Should you ever be interested in a behind the scenes video when you're in Toronto, just let me know. 🙂

  14. Natalia Kern says:

    @CdnBlt Thank you for your beautiful and always supportive comments!!

  15. Ryan Neufeld says:

    the song is so so so fitting for you and it all! 🙂

    *Feliz Navidad, Bebe-Amore! re: to and for this holiday season in 2010

    **May 2011, be a even happier and healthier new year for you! re: re: my caliente senorita and-or sexy chica (peace, love, understanding…xo+)

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