Tamra Judge Flaunts Her Insane Bikini Body During Fitness Competition — See Her Ripped Physique!

After the 48-year-old reality star competed, she indulged in some delicious (and well-deserved!) nachos and donuts.

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8 Responses

  1. Kim Thomas says:

    48 years old looking good

  2. JMC2013 says:

    She should be doing porn > interracial porn

  3. Tamara don't listen to hater's. I am proud of you and you are so inspiring. Though life we change, we fall and we pick our selves up…praise god and we raise up. You are a good friend, you look awesome and your a wonderful Mother…very inspiring from a single mother 50 yrs Californian resident. Stay Golden

  4. rnugitt says:

    She is getting old and it's starting to show no matter how much she exercises. I hope she just staying fit for health because the look ain't right

  5. If I were Vicki I would never speak to Tamra again. She is supposed to love her and be her friend. However, she does nothing but rip her behind her back.

  6. JMC2013 says:

    mmmmm I'd love to do her every way imaginable

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