WOW 2 Sexy Girls In Bikinis In My New 2016 Z06 Corvette (2 Girls 1 Seat)

Please watch: “How Many Guys Does It Actually Take To Do A Proper Tire Rotation On A Jeep Wrangler With 37″ Tires ?”


Very Sexy Video Shoot with My 2016 Z06 Corvette . Make sure to watch until the end and comment below. Also hit that thumbs up button.

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▼▼▼Tehmeena Afzal▼▼▼

Music: Air Stegosaurus
Drake-Over (Air Stegosaurus Remix)

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13 Responses

  1. jerry s says:

    The girl in blue is way hotter.

  2. BigD Travels says:

    Wow, just a big No on this one.

  3. new york rican like always puting shame on my island, they never rest, pure slot

  4. seafu Ash S says:

    anyone have any idea who the second model is?

  5. Now that's a beautiful sight to behold…

  6. seafu Ash S says:

    hey, whos the other girl with Meena

  7. Miss Meena says:

    I'm sitting my oily ass on your seat next time

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