Bikini Fitness and Physique Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes with SugarBoxStudios

A fun look behind the scenes at a photo shoot I did with a bikini competitor at a Cardiff Gym, Ufit.


Click here for the photos:

Goblins from Mars – Lucid & Genie

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7 Responses

  1. Latesh lilwa says:

    Which round flash dish is this?

  2. vadimyakus says:

    Dude, love the pictures (almost all of them), but you definitely need to use more complicated lighting schemes and use strip boxes for this type of shoots. GL!

  3. Leigh Busby says:

    What camera is that you're using,it's rather tiny

  4. Hello. Do you use the flash's im manual?

  5. Brian Page says:

    Finally i see someone who truly understands light placement. I'm guessing that was a 50 mm 1.8? Camera settings you used?

  6. Very cool, your work man! greetings from Brazil

  7. DN Fitness says:

    Love your job man ,you are doing great .i am from Germany stuttgart ,how can I contact you ?thanks

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