Fun in the Sun – SnapChick Bikini 2015

I hopped into my pool for a fun and colorful bikini photo shoot! In this video, I discuss working within your environment for photo shoots, and I share photos!
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Hi! I’m SnapChick. My channel is about photography as an art form and as a lifestyle, with a healthy dose of technology thrown in! I post new videos every week so subscribe here on YouTube, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and join in on the conversation!

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40 Responses

  1. Ive been watching youtube for many years for photography videos. And im just only knowing this channel just today august 2017!!!! I wanna kill myself! Fuck Digitalrevtv, matt granger, camerastore, jared polin, tony (i love chelsea)!! They ruined me!!!

  2. YOU ARE A WEBCAM GIRL!?!??!?!? How did I miss that?! Back to digital rev for me

  3. you are one of my fav photographers. love you and your videos, as a beginner your videos are helpful for me. another thing, i must say, you are the sexiest photographer and a very appealing person so far i have seen. god bless you, stay beautiful and young. love you a lot.

  4. no cropping allowed on Bikini shots, no no no . not fair , 🙂

  5. master your Bikini Photography , ( Just 4 Me ) Love to have an Energetic Wife , Like yourself.

  6. Fuck y'all who dislike the video go fuck yo'selves!!!

  7. Tom Truman says:

    All Photography aside… You LQQK Great in a Bikini, Killer Body../.

  8. Doug Walkey says:

    Hmm… frank, direct and logical. Anyone with those characteristics deserves to be listened to. Well stated and presented.

  9. Ever since the invention of the camera (and probably the reason the camera was invented), men have photographed women in the nude… Another tradition worthy of, um, "keeping up". 🙂

  10. Very good, what sorts do you do, that you have such great biceps?

  11. Fun In The Sun – The SnapChick Naked 2015

  12. Jenalgo says:

    What? "Buy a membership to my site so you can get access to pictures of me in a bikini" says she. You're exploiting the credit cards of sad fools while pretending to host a photography channel, says I. If you were honest about it I'd say good luck to you. But you are devious and dishonest. Most of your vids appear to be just you in something low-cut, and not much genuine content. I suppose some people will earn a living any way they can.

  13. Lucas Black says:

    I'm always going to watch your videos 😀 I enjoy the variety 👍🏼

  14. Chris Field says:

    Anytime you do anything, others will try to pull you down because they are not good enough to pull themselves up. Keep it up Snapchick. I have always enjoyed your work and humor.

  15. Both gorgeous and talented 🙂

  16. Bryon Lape says:

    Good job with this year's shoot, Leigh.

  17. floex831 says:

    Ran into this channel looking for lens reviews. Great looking host so I watched some videos. I quickly realized this was soft porn for whoever wants it, of course it costs you. Gimmick, so you'll get a VIP pass at to see provocative photos of the host. Not my idea of a credible photography channel or a credible photographer.
    The website doesn't show any actual photographic work, even in the lens reviews, which is why I went in the first place. I refuse to purchase anything from someone who seems to be a digital know-nothing. Therefore, I cannot for certain say whether purchasing a membership will actually reveal any substantial photography and not just the host half naked.
    We men are stupid to fall for such gimmicks. I will give credit where credit is due cause I know the snap chick is getting paid, but not by me.
    Power to you SnapChick for your hustle, something I am not offended by, however, from what I can see, a photographer you are NOT! Calling yourself one is what really bugs me.
    Note that I am only making this comment from the videos I've seen and what TSC presents. I do not know the Snap Chick personally, I just hate that good marketing gets these people recognition for something they are not.

  18. Megapixleyez says:

    Was the background a still photograph? Looks like a video shot against a a blue screen and then added the background… You look really sharp! Excellent but almost fake if that makes sense. Either way, how do I get a free membership??? I always buy your sponsored recommendations!

  19. Ace Storman says:

    GAUDD…he's back! …her assistant Raymond

  20. Enjoyed your video very much . If there is no fun in photography then why would we do it 🙂 It's good to see you enjoy what you are doing. I appreciate what you provide for us and I do plan on becoming a VIP soon.

  21. My favorite time of the season – SnapChick Bikini

  22. Javier Garza says:

    I liked her better blond… especially for the summer.

  23. Narcissism dressed up as a photography tutorial.

  24. Hermosa , hermosa hermosa . Los angeles existen mi vida

  25. no.0221 says:

    Common I want some close up panty shots!

  26. thegreatga says:

    Glad you enjoyed the shoot but with the creation of the internet, bikini pictures are everywhere(for those just looking for that).  Also with the creation of youtube and vessel, tutorials on how to shoot and conduct photography has become a dime a dozen.  Please demonstrate what you are doing different and what you offer thats different from all the others like matt grainger, or countless others.  I'm not going to pay up some money for content without compelling reasons (bikini's just aren't enough).  Thanks, I however will continue to enjoy your free videos and lovely face.

  27. The video looked amazing, I noticed you are shooting 720p/1080p 60fps. I recently started doing the same and my videos look so good and I can't figure out why. My videos are pretty much like this, camera on a tripod shooting me cooking something. It's always been my understanding that 60fps is best used for action sports. Can you explain why the quality is so good with these "non-action sports" type of videos?

  28. +tommi Apopisso Is giving up bad for a week to join your VIP lol

  29. skatertwig26 says:

    +TheSnapChick As I was trying to see if you had a Flickr, I think I found a serious stalker you have. … Randall Rueff sorry to rat you out but stop being so damn creepy haha Keep your obsession private. Be warned SnapChick haha

  30. Love the lighting on this!  May I ask what lights you're using?

  31. Jaden Abed says:

    I Understand how busy u r and all but can u please make more videos …at least 1 every week,really love ur content and videos and wish to see more …and damn …hot stuff

  32. Dontuween says:

    Lucky Raymond.  He gets to shoot the most beautiful woman in the world in a pool!

  33. A traditional teaser video in every sense of the word. Nicely played. {: >)

  34. …I love when you uphold tradition….

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