Episode 016 – Chad Tepper does it again and I take you to Venice Beach for a bikini shoot with Nikki Sia! Make sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE!! 2 videos every week!


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45 Responses

  1. Fleekest says:

    Bruv. You need to upload more? Your subscribers will sky rocket!

  2. Darkside 91 says:

    the iPhone audio is not that good

  3. Aaron Jones says:

    We need a family name like logang and things like that

  4. DxMitch x says:

    New Videos please…I love your vlogs so mutch XD

  5. Bibhu Das says:

    Bro you are talented 🙂

  6. KiwiVash says:

    Brendon make bids already

  7. Isla Reid says:

    Please check out my Instagram @ifrphotography I am an aspiring photographer and I am trying to grow on insta

  8. Austin Wahle says:

    Your mother is my English teacher

  9. You should upload more please. I love watching you on your channel and Logan’s

  10. E's Babes says:

    Is it weird that I have a crush on Brendan?

  11. The cinematic shots were so dope! 👌🏼

  12. Not in logang no more brandon north

  13. I hope you plan on more videos, you do excellent work

  14. ManSpider says:

    The iPhone is over exposed

  15. CaptinGoff1 says:

    brendan come back we miss u in Logans Videos

  16. Andrea A says:

    Brendan I miss you so much will you back in Logan vlogs again

  17. my names brendan. just spelt like that

  18. Breandan what app u and logan use to edit

  19. make more video please 😭 I love your videos 🙂

  20. HZ23 says:

    you should have more subs than zircon

  21. Hey brandon i didn't know u had a YouTube channel I subscribed

  22. Brendan I am your biggest fan because we share names and I remember watching logans blog and see you and hearing your name and I flipped

  23. Kayla Ramos says:

    When are you going to upload its been 2 months

  24. Nadia says:

    I subscribed because youre videos are so amazing and I like your pictures and your love in photography . You inspires me in every video you make😊

    Love from Germany😙❤

  25. Aye cuzz you needa get me down there to edit an film with y'all gentlemen…….

  26. ItzSam says:

    I have a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Any
    Tips On Filming With It? BTW Love your Channel Also You should Make Some merch!

  27. Wally West says:

    Your opening is always awesome

  28. Tridend Tv says:

    Logan Paul send me to your channel

  29. LT. DUDE says:

    36Thousandth SUBSCRIBER!

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