Scuba Models Swimsuit – Sexy bikini Underwater diving Video at exotic tropical locations

Synopsis: Cool breezes, warm beaches, gently swaying palm trees and the untouched coral reefs of the Caribbean provide the backdrop for the Scuba Models Swimsuit video. Exclusive underwater footage! Step into a behind-the-scenes look at our romp in paradise with the world’s hottest swimsuit models,scuba divers and offer many intriguing thoughts on members of the opposite sex.Starring: Amy Browse,Kate Rubanov,Martha Abru,Maika Farteux,Lena PanasenkovaDirector: Anton OparinCamera work: Anton Oparin, Tom MoranOther Futures: Color, Full screen, Region1 encoding (NTSC)Length: Aprox.52 min. Sound: Original Sound Tracks! Get it on DVD video:

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