Affordable BIKINI TRY-ON HAUL & REVIEW ($10-15!!)

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High Cut Scoop Bikini Set:
Low Waisted Padded Scoop Bikini Set:
Cami Plunge String Bikini Set:
Soft Pad Spaghetti Straps Thong Bikini Set:
Padded V Strap Thong Bikini Set:
U Neck Bralette Thong Bikini Set:
Unlined Plunge Bikini Top And Thong Bottoms:
Wrap Bikini Top And Baroque Bottoms:
Padded Cami Bikini Set:
Low Waisted Spaghetti Strap Bikini Swimwear:
V-String Bandeau Bikini Set:
Low Waisted Spaghetti Straps Bikini Swimwear:


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35 Responses

  1. Your opinions are so honest, honestly I am amazed by your channel; and I love every single workout video. Thank youuu Emi!

  2. Elaine Kim says:

    What size did you get for the very last bikini?

  3. David Perea says:

    You're beautiful! The last suit looks the best on you!

  4. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE BIKINI HAUL VIDEOS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE but in front of sofa…and we love the cameltoe leave them in…..she is so hit and what a cool BOYFRIEND…Chad likes all the bikinis and loves showing of his BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Asian BEAUTY to us all….i love it more BIKINI HAUL VIDEOS

  5. I am with Chad I like all of THEM on you and love the cameltoe….yummy

  6. We don't mind a little camel toe PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  7. Do this again but have her model BIKINI right there in front of the sofa it sucks using the mirror…better lighting in front of sofa.

  8. Chad me TOO…dam you are so LUCKY…she is SMOKING HOT…HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET….

  9. I really appreciate your workout vids, can you start doing arm workouts?

  10. Nomopoly says:

    I think you look great in the bikinis at 2:19 and 5:45. With a butt as in-shape as yours I think it just has to be a thong. The outfit at 5:45 has the advantage of more exposure at the front, but I like the color of the one at 2:19 more. Is the second style available in the first color?

  11. Aš Esu says:

    so cute, loved these all <3 i feel so much motivation by any kind of your videos :3

  12. Hansel - says:

    Wow. Gorgeous!! Your channel is amazing and has helped me so much. Also you and your boyfriend are so cuteeeee!

  13. VL Channel says:

    Love this haul! How tall are you?

  14. sc1231 says:

    Seriously body goals!! So jealous

  15. Connie Deng says:

    Where u baught all those bikinis?

  16. Fotini Fit says:

    That bod tho!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  17. I'm so jealous, you look gorgeous in all of these ! I don't normally wear bikinis but these make me really want to try !!

  18. Xv Jocee says:

    Super cute couple 😩❤️ my fav

  19. KaJa MiLaK says:

    Yor body is perfect for bikinis

  20. Marklin Ho says:

    beautiful, fit, sexy and 8:10 WOW.. that's really hot like fire

  21. Gloria Ț says:

    The yellow one is great giiiirrrrl 😮 dont diss it 😀 its a great color for you

  22. Keymali says:

    Beatiful! I really love the first one and the last one!

  23. aww… soo beautiful. did you have any problems with the shipping? what did you do with the ones that didn't fit well?

  24. yantyc123 says:

    Do u have any experience with cellulite before you start exercises?

  25. Anissen says:

    I love your sexy little ass <3 keep smiling <3

  26. Neila G says:

    very nice and you look so beautiful in all of them,i don't wear bikinis actually but i enjoyed this video

  27. Nice stuff If you need any free music for your videos, come glance through the playlist's i have, they would really imrpove your stuff!

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