Worlds Worst Bathing Suits!

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34 Responses

  1. Don't turn this world in a pornhub

  2. Kit Kat says:

    Omg he so called the male body hair swimsuit in this! Is he part of the illuminati? 🔺

  3. First of all, Hi Rosy! I suggested Worst Best instant Karma (you know, "Best" instead of "Worst" for a change) but you didn't seem to like that idea for what ever reason. Oookay, so how about Worlds Worst Drivers? What do ya think Fluffee?

  4. Those first ones look like bananas.

  5. Hot Rod says:

    1st- PERFECT

    2nd- kms

    3rd- Hot but not like num. 1

  6. Rawr says:

    Does your fiancee stand there in a corner and watch you film?
    If so that's fucking hawt.

  7. Male camel toe = moose knuckle. Urban Dictionary.

  8. do worlds worst wife's or gf……

  9. do a worlds worst underware vid

  10. use real bathing suits people

  11. Syran wrap, as a substitute for a condom, REALLY?!.. Hey so fluffie, on tha low, does it work. Cause buying buckets of latex at the Tru-Value is getting pretty expensive…

  12. that kid in the back of the non existent yellow bathing suit
    …funny ad shit that kid looks like he's concentrating real hard on keeping his hard on in check:) hahaha

  13. fluffee, I love it when your animals walk into the frame, they are so cute.

  14. laetrille says:

    Include the burkini in the next one.

  15. I love binkis but the first one and second one is to nasty

  16. John Wynn says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Glad I don't own that swimsuit
    Everyone is too

  17. Jeff 99 says:

    Do a worlds worst snowmen

  18. Julia Etter says:



  20. ScenicAmoeba says:

    Do a "Worlds worst pickup line texts"

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