Magazine PHOTOSHOP retouch – SIDE by SIDE | BEFORE and AFTER

This is how they get so perfect.

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Photo Credit: Altair Urbano. Photo authorized for commercial use under CC by 2.0, more info:

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23 Responses

  1. I'm sorry but this actually makes me angry. I know you're good at this, far better than I have, but making her skinny? I think she's fine the way she is. If he had enough to confidence to take this why fix it? Hope you have a good day

  2. How do people get things to do that on computers!!!??? I'd love to do that crap!

  3. Aussie Engie says:

    Why's everyone getting so shitty? This person is just showing off their photoshops skills and allowing us to see how much photoshop can change what we think makes a perfect person

  4. Why fix someone that was made to be their own perfect?

  5. MeanChey1 says:

    she looks gorgeous as the way she was before you photoshopped the right side it takes a lot of courage for her to put that outfit on you should of just left her alone the way she is

  6. The outcome is a natural, healthy Person with average body size and healthy skin. Before she had problems.

  7. Can you guys like shut up. Stop pretending to be little Angels and that everyone is beautiful inside and out. Because everyone isn't and I know very well that you know that

  8. i wish i looked as perfect as the one on the left tho

  9. Roe Miley says:

    Ok dude, really? This woman was just as sexy before hand. Plus, imagine how she's going to feel if she ever sees this. It takes a lot of guts to put on an outfit like that and you just ruined it for her.

  10. I liked her body better before. good editing tho!

  11. Eric Harris says:

    What about the hot girls on the streets? Are they photoshopped too?

  12. E B says:

    with such a pose shes asking to be photoshopped

  13. Kawai i says:

    good editing. you shouldnt distort things that could give you out, thou. for example: the earring looked so bad and distorted when you finished retouching her chin.

  14. Video Titled: "Magazine PHOTOSHOP retouch-" 
    Is this considered just a retouch?

  15. Cat rulls says:

    Gosh they must feel awful knowing that.

  16. Kailey Boo says:

    Not all models are retouched to this extent. Only some but others are left more natural than what this is. I only know because I am a model so I know the photoshop and it's never this extreme

  17. imagine if someone was actually walking around half fat and half skinny…….

  18. Flynnit says:

    yea this is not ethnically correct and I get that you just want to show that people in magazines are fake 🙂 by the way your really good at doing this

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