Bikini Girls of Venice Beachy

Bikini Girls of Venice Beachy. This competition took place at Muscle Beach on Labor Day 2015. This was filmed in 4K. Enjoy.

Music used:
Skirt Shaker by


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9 Responses

  1. whats with all these low class tattooed skanks. Anyone know their porn channels? Lol

  2. Impredetor94 says:

    The guy at the back just looking at that ass

  3. Brugality says:

    Would fuck them all raw without a condom. But damn ladies please learn how to walk in heels….

  4. 331, 333 or 334, the rest look skanky.

  5. Fred Gardner says:

    fuck the bullshit. they all looked good. real good. any of these critics would cum in their pants if they had a shot at these women.

  6. dem bunnies was bad . sassy with ass . i like #1 and fake tits in white jeez. is booty a category?

  7. robertrath says:

    2 girls look decent – 331 and 333. Maybe one more also looks like a human being.

    Others…. mannn they're plain ugly, fake tits, ugly yakuza-type tatoos, faces look like plastic….Just awful !

    When will they realise that having huge tattos covering half of your back, or your whole arm is not sexy ? Because it's not sexy in 99 cases out of 100.

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