10 Photos of MELANIA, TRUMP Wishes We’d Forget

top 10 pictures of Donald Trump’s wife Melania he doesn’t want you to see
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29 Responses

  1. USA is a Perfect Disgrace and globally a Big Laughing Stock.

  2. Yeah wow so classy. She sold her body to the highest bidder who turned out to be a psychotic liar. What a down slide from Obama and his classy, intelligent wife. #fuckdonaldtrump

  3. Remember when Michelle wore a dress which exposed HER ARMS­čś▒SCANDAL… now we have this tramp n the wh. You can't make this up…

  4. O'Dell says:

    Say what you will, but it's nice to live in a country where the first lady is fuckable. And isn't a tranny, or some old hag. God Bless America.

  5. Just shows money can't buy Class- The President Pimp and The first Hoe

  6. first naked goddes in history body build in olymp lovely lingerie ful sexy breast legs to earth im in love real lady

  7. Janel Sara says:

    Jealous of our First Lady??

  8. Smok 2112 says:

    Donald doesnt wish wed forget these. Hes all HELL YEAH!!!

  9. James Soltis says:

    …now First Lady of the Evening.

  10. Barry Warren says:

    Shakespeare is a fraud… It's true

  11. brain drain says:

    Why does she look so different? She got the Asian eyelift I see.

  12. Worm Instool says:

    Thou shalt not confefe your President's wife.

  13. l turner says:


  14. The left is upset because shes so hot and embodies modern America :).. TRUMP 2020

  15. moongod1 says:

    she looks good and she is not fat

  16. freetalk 222 says:

    She is more a pornstar than the first lady

  17. Didn't the Republicans complain of Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress?

  18. Don R says:

    I suppose some of you want to see (sick) Hilary Clinton nude ! And then you will see ugly ! Oh even with Hilary Clinton clothes on she still is ugly!

  19. bliss full says:

    Model gets paid to ware hardly nothing, and does her job, marries a rich man who becomes the president, and then said photographs all taken while she was modelling some over 20 yrs ago and earning a living, and idiot bigots try to use them against her, not one of those pictures were private pictures, they were all taken for her job,

  20. kal el says:

    Cover it up? Trump isn't embarrassed about it. He loves it you fuck tards.

  21. Song Master says:

    Thank God Hillary didn't win we would be seeing a silver oven mitt style pantsuited cow ass every day.

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