Mayweather vs McGregor Corona Girls Unveiled

The Corona ring girls for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor super fight were unveiled at the fight week festivities in Las Vegas.


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32 Responses

  1. Qmuluss ! says:

    Transgender ring girls….good work floyd!

  2. She's so sexy i wish i'll see her on one day

  3. Who wins these girls or the miss reef pageants

  4. I guess they drank too much corona?

  5. Are they traps? They got that trap look going.

  6. CpnStbn12 says:

    not as hot as ufc girls, but i wouldnt kick them outa bed for eating crackers

  7. spyknife says:

    I wanna see both of the fight. Shush hot

  8. the real mvps bc i could never go in front of millions of people in just a bikini i'm way to shy

  9. John Doe says:

    DAMN the blonde is so fucking HOT!

  10. Let's unveil the girls, but let's not unveil their names OK?

  11. kemonske says:

    Easy night for Floyd. He won't even sweat as much during the fight pounding McGregor's face as he sweats after the fight pounding Jessica's asshole.

  12. Mike D says:

    Black Hair: Kyra Keli
    Blonde Hair: Jessica Harbour

  13. blkart15 says:

    My bro dated the blonde, let's just say if she wasn't good to look at then I don't think she would have graduated high school.

  14. AhPhoey says:

    Having to hold smiles for that long is going to lead to lock jaw eventually.

  15. Moss says:

    They both look really good when not putting on that fake smile, but when they do, they just look stupid. Need to act better.

  16. Candle Ankle says:

    Couple of fucking geniuses right here

  17. St Cn says:

    The ufc girls are way better looking.

  18. Candle Ankle says:

    THE BLONDE IS SO GOD DAMN UGLY. Her parents drop her face first into a pile of bricks?

  19. UFC Agartha says:

    They look loose and gappy especially the dark haired one.
    I'd much rather the UFC ring girls…

  20. J L says:

    just a couple of cumdumpsters

  21. Toonses says:

    the black one is hotter.

  22. Dreadkage says:

    That redbone octagon girl in the UFC looks better than all these hoes.

  23. thetruthis9 says:

    who picked this shitty music…

  24. Nick Diaz says:

    A couple of hoes… so what

  25. Jay Dee says:

    Artem 'Pretty Boy' Lobov

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