100 Years of Fashion: Men’s Underwear ★ Glam.com

From early-1900s one-pieces to modern-day boxer-briefs, a century’s worth of men’s underwear is tried on by our model. Watch as he dons each decade’s signature undies (remember Joe Boxer?) and learn what’s been beneath men’s trousers throughout the years. http://www.glam.com

★ Model: John https://www.instagram.com/baseballjmk/

Other models: https://www.facebook.com/greg.hinds.52?fref=ts

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35 Responses

  1. Inari Tomomi says:

    What about Christian Andrew underwear

  2. IceGamer LG says:

    Bruh for the 2016 plz back up I don't want to keep looking at people's crotches up close

  3. hofficalz says:

    That moustache was cute af

  4. LimeWolf says:

    What is the models name? Only for research purposes only ofcourse 😂😂

  5. My favorite was the third 1996 version… commando! That's how I usually wear my underwear! 😀

  6. Anime Yuuta says:

    Can I take those joe boxers that he was wearing…

  7. Aiko Aizawa says:

    He s really hot I think im thirsty now 😂😍🔥🔥🔥
    And dont close up the camera I cant breath😨

  8. Thats not bad showing the private part because were know that teaching us the privae part

  9. Zain Passa says:

    I bet the model got an erection at least once

  10. David Maine says:

    Oh my. This is so naughty. 😬😉

  11. MrStifleras says:

    why you gotta put a nigger and ruin the video?

  12. Cj Migl says:

    The 1946 version is still in use in the U.K. For sports

  13. Ergowear says:

    This is just awesome! So what is people saying, boxers or briefs??

  14. dennis says:

    Dear god! Curse me for my horny behavior

  15. Half of theese comments are about the model :D.
    2006 and 2016 undies isn't so much different.
    Well it was interesting to watch how fashion changed over the years!

  16. a person says:

    literally no one wears the underwear shown for 2016, that shits gay

  17. Water Malone says:

    Models mind: hold on cant get hard now

  18. Damn it that black guy's skull, looks like a fit alien 😂

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