Venice Beach Bikini Girls Contest – 7/4/16

Venice Beach Bikini Girls Contest – 7/4/16. This competition took place at Muscle Beach on July 4, 2016. This was filmed in 4K. Enjoy.

Intro and Outro designed by RavenProDesign. Go check
out her website for more Custom Intros:

Music used:
Escape From The Temple by


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5 Responses

  1. MAX PAIN says:

    The winner is 361 👑💐😍 Beautiful woman

  2. R101710 says:

    God bless America, that's all I gotta say

  3. first one would be zyzz if he was a girl lol

  4. JCGrantatAC says:

    332 and 361 are pretty and full natty bruh.

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