HOW TO BECOME A MODEL 2017! tips from a fashion model

Hey loves!
this video is about how to become a model and my modelling story.

This was highe requested so hope you enjoyI hope you enjoy it don’t forget to like if you did and let me know if you have any more requests like these

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19 Responses

  1. Video of you working out please

  2. Sonja Lauren says:

    Please subscribe to my channel. I'm trying to become a fashion model as well😭

  3. Kae J says:

    You're so beautiful and so inspiring. I'm currently waiting to hear back from a couple if modeling agencies. I'm skinny and curvy and thick at the same time. I have a 25 inch waist and 45 inch hips. You've uplifted me because I was feeling discouraged

  4. Whts ur ethnicity pls, n pls don't say British.😂😂

  5. Niromi says:

    thank you for this video , it was very interesting to watch and you're so kind and sympathic

  6. Girl you are just so inspiring,I love your videos and I will like to become a model in the future but I'm not sure.Thanks girl x

  7. Fløra says:

    Wow you're so beautiful I'm not surprised that you're a model , much love xoxo

  8. Keepitrill says:

    What was the name of the agency that contacted you? I'm on model mayhem so just wondering 🙂

  9. quick question I don't want to sounds rude or anything but how much do u roughly make a month, its because I got a casting with a modeling agency but I heard it really bad pay so I don't know if I should stay in school or follow my dream

  10. tilly evans says:

    can u do a workout routine and talk about how you stay in shape for modelling xx

  11. Violet Mara says:

    OK thanks I'll watch it again

  12. Violet Mara says:

    I'm a teenager how can I be a model please give me some tips.

  13. Jaila Polite says:

    What's the name of the website you used ?

  14. Lotje Vh says:

    Love it, thank you! How do you stay in shape for modeling? If you have any routine or tips, could you share them/make a video of it? Xx

  15. Mel May says:

    Haha I'm studying dentistry right now so funny you wanna be a dentist!! X

  16. AlanaHenry says:

    lol skip to 0:58 if you don't wanna hear my banter intro 😉 x

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